3d Printing Is An Additive Essay

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“3D printing is an additive (layer-by-layer) manufacturing method that creates 3- dimensional objects using a printer from a digital file.”[1] It allowed manufacturing to use less tooling; to be more cost effective due to the reduced amount of raw material needed; and also to be able to manufacture complex shaped objects that traditional molding could not achieve.[2] However, 3D printing doesn’t only rely on one single technique. There are different types of techniques that would deliver the same product. There is a recent 3D printing technology being discovered, called Continuous Liquid Interface Production (will be referred to as CLIP in the rest of the report).[3] This technology has a faster print speed, and produces products that have robust structure and molecularly smooth surfaces.[4] This new technique could revolutionize production. This report tackles the operation of CLIP, the technical problems encountered when developing CLIP and solutions to them, the current competing methods to CLIP, and the future potentials of CLIP.
Figure 1: CLIP Components and Process
Before tackling any issue of CLIP, the operation of this technology needs to be explained. Figure 1 shows the components and process of CLIP. CLIP has several components: a reservoir that contains liquid resin; an oxygen-permeable layer underneath; an ultra-violet light source that shines through the layer into the reservoir; and a platform that continuously pulls the object upwards from the resin.[3]…

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