3D Printing Essay

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A common expression is, “Man born not of his own time.” Fundamentally, this quote means a person 's mannerisms, thoughts, ideas, and dreams are based out of a different time frame than he or she presently lives in. Technology is a defining feature to the timeline of human evolution. Each major technological advancement introduces new opportunities, as well as obstacles, that aid or hinder mankind in advancing to the next step in their evolutionary chain. The 21st century 's latest technology is the 3D printer, a device capable of redefining day to day lives by printing all of our needs. It is claimed 3D printing will be an absolute positive technology to benefit mankind, but we will soon encounter situations where uncontrolled, illegal substances …show more content…
The wide variety of printers never seem to shrink, but the simplicity of each of their components is extremely basic. Variations of machines and materials are few and far between, and they have all been specially designed to complete certain tasks. Originally, only the plastic filament printer was available, but now, the printer has evolved to have the capability of printing something as extreme as building structures, and any individual can buy a specially designed printer giving them the ability to print anything from cement structures to pancakes on a skillet. There are other materials like gold, titanium, and even tiny elements capable of passing through specially designed machines to produce knives, medicine, and even a fully functional weapon. A professor from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Rupert Wimmer, shares that "A 3D printer can utilize basically anything that can be powdered to an appropriate particle size," putting no limits on what a printer, and it 's user, can create (146). Peoples career goals, in large part, are encouraged by their skills and training. Jobs like blacksmithing, accounting, and even a doctor all require special training and years of experience. Frank Ward, a professor at New Mexico State University, shares his opinion of the lack of skill needed to pursue a career with a 3D printer.
Traditional manufacturing settings will be completely thrown off. 3D printing requires no specialized skills. Traditional methods use raw materials producing waste because of the inability to attain the perfect shape. Human error can also occur making the item unusable. With the 3D printer, the user only needs to know how to upload the appropriate file and press start. (Ward

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