30 Mark Paper- Sociology

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Social Inequality essay plans for Part b) 30 mark question

Evaluate the usefulness of sociological explanations of ethnic inequalities.(30)
Evaluate the view that society is institutionally racist (30)
Adapt according to question given

Ethnic inequalities are still significant in the UK – give a few examples. Suggest some explanations e.g Racism, Institutional racism, social class of ethnic minorities (Marxism), welfare dependency (New Right). This essay will identify and assess these explanations.
AO1 Define types of Racism e.g Barker and new racism, institutional racism – McPhearson report on murder of stephen lawrence – racism in met police. Jenkins suggests recruitment to jobs is more word of mouth and
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AO2 However the reserve army of labour argument has also been used for working class low wages and by feminists to explain gender inequalities in the workplace and so is not a strong argument for explaining ethnic inqualities alone.
AO2 Also this argument does not account for ehtnic minorities e.g Obama who are very successful.
AO1 Weberian arguments would suggest that ethnic inequality is related to market situation and status differences. Barron and Norris suggested that there is a dual labour market consisting of primary and secondary sectors. The Primary sector is well paid and secure employment and secondary sector is insecure and low paid. The low status of ethnic minorities lead to them being found in the secondary sector more often. Rex and Tomlinson suggest this perpetuates disavantage through generations leading to a ‘black underclass’.
AO2 The problem with this argument is it could be a cause or a consequence of ethnic inequality, this is not well enough explained.
Ao2 Also looking at broad categories of occupations such as primary and secondary ignores the fact that ethnic minorities are often found in the most unpleasant work environments regardless of pay.
AO2 Furthermore there are many types of people in the secondary sector including working class white and women.
Ao1 The New Right and writers

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