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Select one of the following issues:
• Racial profiling
• Prison overcrowding
• The war on drugs
• Increased use of technology
• Cultural diversity
Write a 1,050- to 1,705-word paper addressing how your selected issue affects the criminal justice system as a whole.
• Describe some of the change(s) the criminal justice system as a whole has made in response to the issue you selected.
• Include your opinion on whether the changes are sufficient. Should more changes be made, and if so, what changes?
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Prison Overcrowding

Prison Overcrowding
One of the greatest challenges currently facing the American criminal justice system is overcrowding. America has the largest prison
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Another major issue confronting the criminal justice system and has resulted in further prison overcrowding is the three Strikes crime policy which has been adopted by the majority of states in the nation. The three Strikes policy is designed to create a mandatory sentencing policy for the third time felony offender. Criminal offenders that are subject to their third strike risk a prison sentence of twenty five years to life. Since the enactment of the Three Strikes polices prison overcrowding is at an extreme level. A good example of the result of the new three strikes policy is the current state of California’s correctional system. The California prison system is experiencing a major crisis with the overcrowding of the state’s prisons. Due to the extreme overcrowding the state is 40 percent over capacity and inmates are being put wherever there is room to house the inmate including common areas and gymnasiums. Prison inmates are living in conditions that are not considered humane and prison inmates are not being provided with necessary medical and mental health care.
As a result of the poor living conditions being faced by the California inmate, the Supreme Court had ruled that the state will have to release 46,000 inmates in order to reduce the extreme overcrowding issues (Savage, 2011). While the original goal of the three strikes policy has been to

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