2016 's Best Coin Counting Machines Essay examples

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Small businesses and homes have specific needs, and coin counters can fulfill these needs. Read this general overview for some of 2016 's best coin counting machines.

An individual could spend hours counting if they made enough transactions to generate a lot of coins. But a coin counter will serve as a more efficient method than all of that manpower. The best coin counting machines are those that most efficiently, simply, and conveniently accomplish the task without placing a heavy burden on the consumers ' shoulders. But how precise are they? Is there a margin of error? What are the capacities? Any assessment of the best coin counter will need to answer these questions.

1 - Royal Sovereign Manual Coin Sorter QS-1; $23:11; Amazon.
The QS-1 allows the user to pour up to 200 loose coins into the machine and will sort 156 per minute. By purchasing the coin wrappers with the machine, wrapping the coins becomes just a matter of slipping the wrapper inside of the machine and tapping it a little. If you plan to transport it for business often or if you are worrying about where you could store it, the QS-1 has you covered. Since it weighs in at less than three pounds, transporting the machine is very easy. Customers also say that it is very compact, fitting a lot of technology in such a small space, making storage that much easier. Consider viewing the QS-1 's Amazon page.

2 - Royal Sovereign FS-44P 4 Row Coin Sorter; $112.88; Amazon
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