19th Century Trobriand Island Case Study

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The role of Sex and Sexual Agency in 19th Century Trobriand Island Culture
The Trobriand Islanders are a tribal scale society with a rich culture. Sexuality is widely renowned as an important aspect to their culture as it is something that is incorporated into everyday life from a very young age. This essay will explore the importance of sexual agency plays during childhood and adolescents and will then go on to explore how sexuality permeates everyday life. It will explain the influence that sex has on residence patterns and how living arrangements are largely based on the stage of life which is often defined by sexual agency. It will also compare the Trobriand Islanders Kubukwabuya life stage of to halls of residence and look at how this is a response to the wider societal context of which they are situated in.
The Trobriand Islands are a group of islands situated off the cost of Papua New Guinea. It is a matrilineal society which means that heritage is tracked through the Mothers line however it is not a matriarchal society as the head of the household is still Male which is interesting to note. The Trobriand Islands are a tribal scale society and although they do place importance on rank this is not the definition of their social organisation and
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The idea of being open with frequent sexual acts is enculturated into Trobriand society and is therefore normalised. This essay has explained the way in which sex transforms from child’s play to a passionate desire during adolescent years. It has looked at the way sexuality influences brother-sister relationships and in turn patterns of residence. Finally, it has looked at the way in which Trobriand Kubuwakabuya stage compares to the culture in New Zealand halls of residence. The Trobriand Islands are a tribal scale society of which have taken the general taboo of sex and instead integrated deeply into

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