19th Century Life As A Woman Essay

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“19th Century Life as a Woman”
The writings of several American authors of the nineteenth century are great portrayals of the American experience during that time. During this time there were many social and political changes happening in America such as an empowerment of women, the fight to abolish slavery, removal of Indians, and the civil war. The literature from this era gives people in modern day a peak at how our history affected people’s everyday life. An aspect that particularly interests me is the uprising of female writers. As a woman myself, I can’t help but be inspired by the female revolutionists. One author in particular that intrigues me is Sarah Willis Parton, known as Fanny Fern. She was a newspaper columnist and a novelists known for writing about gender inequalities in marriage, divorce law, and women’s suffrage. In of her writings titled “Aunt Hetty on Matrimony” first appeared in 1851 in an issue of the Olive Branch. This column boldly advises young women to set their affections on just about anything except marriage. As she says “Love is a farce-matrimony is a humbug” (page 907). Fern goes on to explain that marriage is not what women imagine it to be, even though a man is kind when courting as soon as the I do’s are said, the relationship dynamic will abruptly change from honeymoons to lonely nights of cooking and cleaning. Fern describes a day in the life of a wife which starts with making breakfast for the husband as he doesn’t bother to show…

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