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Power is maintained by fostering ignorance through propaganda/deceit, abuse of technology and manipulating the subjects as desired by the party, consequently destroying any opposition. These ideas are presented through a satirical manner in, ‘Nineteen-eighty Four’ (1984) by George Orwell (1949) and ‘Metropolis’ directed by Fritz Lang (1927) about a fictitious totalitarian society linked with contemporary events showing how power is maintained by its elite and its destructive and dehumanising effects on those subjected to it.

Through the fostering of ignorance, absolute power is able to be maintained. ‘Metropolis’ is set in a dystopian future world where ignorance is fostered to maintain absolute power. The city was built by Joh Frederson
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Orwell uses ‘1984’ to demonstrate how fostering ignorance through propaganda enables a party to manipulate the citizens to gain absolute power. ‘Newspeak’ the language of Oceania, is used to condemn freedom of speech, thought and action, consequently restricting the possibilities of rebellious thoughts against the party. Furthermore each Ministry, ironic in their names, have a role in controlling and manipulating the citizens through deceit. We see this through, The Ministry of Peace, which concerns itself with war and propaganda such as ‘WAR IS PEACE, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY’, Ministry of Love, a façade of physical and psychological torture, eliminating those who pose a threat to the party, and finally Ministry of Truth, involved with the falsification of truth to benefit the party. Orwell deliberately uses these ironic names to satirise a totalitarian regime in order to ridicule and shame their ignorant action used to maintain absolute power at the cost of those subjected to …show more content…
Through the quote “He set his features into the expression of quiet optimism which it was advisable to wear when facing the telescreen”, emphasises how the individual must express their conformity to the party and to ignore and accept the inhumane ways of operation using immoral tactics. This controlling aspect of the party restricts individuality and ensures complete control with the party’s law, beliefs and ideals. Consequently technology is being used as a tool to strike fear and insecurity to each individual being watched by the “Thought Police”, an allegorical reference to the frightening acts of the ‘KGB’, a specialised force working under Stalinist Russia. Therefore Orwell uses this quote to symbolise how a totalitarian government abuses technology for its own ends to monitor and exploit people instead of harnessing its knowledge to improve quality of

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