1984: A Dystopian Novel By George Orwell

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1984 is a dystopian novel by George Orwell that shows the reader a totalitarian state,
Oceania, ruled by the omnipresent Big Brother and the Inner Party. 1984 was written in 1948, when the tensions were beginning to rise and the people of continents Europe and Asia were still recovering from the events of World War II. The two nations were still in shambles because of the destruction wrought from the battles fought all over Europe and the atom bomb being dropped in Hiroshima. Typically, when countries are recovering from such losses, they are vulnerable and will look toward any sort of leadership that promises a brighter future. Even if the leader is willing to take away fundamental rights to pursue this promise. 1984 is written as an
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INGSOC has many branches, like the Thought Police, which convict thought criminals, The Inner Party, the upper class of Oceania, and the Junior Spies. The Junior
Spies was inspired by the Nazi Youth, and a depiction of how totalitarian rulers, in this case
Hitler, utilized children and made them their eyes and ears where the government could not fit
(“1984” 240). Children would rat out their parents if they committed any acts that were considered unpatriotic or against the beliefs of their ruler. To quote Mussolini, “All within state, none outside state, none against state.” In Mussolini 's fascist government, there were not many opposing factors against them. Many of the people in fascist Italy refrained from revolting against their leader because of the fear of elimination. The reason why people of Oceania have such blind faith in Big Brother and INGSOC is because of deeply rooted fear. The citizens of
Oceania are afraid of being taken to the Ministry of Love. Aside from those who work there, no one knows what happens in the Ministry of Love. An example of this would be in 1984 when
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The telescreens are on 24 hours a day, can not be turned
Wiafe 4 off and pick up just about anything from facial expressions to conversations, which are monitored by the Thought Police.
The Party has three oxymorons that make up one of the many roots of their control. “War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength” (Orwell 4). Oceania is constantly at war with one of the other two superpowers: Eastasia and Eurasia. Enemies can change in a moment’s notice, and it is accepted without question or critique.All history of there being conflict with one nation and an alliance with another is erased and is not to be talked about. Oceania seems to be the one to initiate the war, like North Korea. When a country starts a war with another, while being unprovoked, it is a power play. Like Oceania, North Korea and its leader does not want to appear weak. " ...For the North Koreans, looking weak is almost as good as committing suicide.”
(Seeing the World from North Korea 's Perspective) Oceania is the strongest world power in
1984. They can not afford to look weak in a regime as fragile as theirs.
1984 is intended to be taken as a warning. If society does not speak out against

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