1917 Russian Revolution Essay

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Grigori Rasputin and the 1917 Russian Revolution One of the most significant events of Russian history was the 1917 Revolution. Predating the revolution, Russia was formed of a hierarchy society consisting of four piers; royalty, aristocracy, middle class and peasantry. After the 1917 Revolution, Russia was dismantled and transformed into the Soviet Union under the governance of the Communist Party. The Communist Party consisted of socialists with the objective to modernize their country-as well as others-into a fair, prosperous nation free of oppressive religion, inequality in regards to social stature, and a medieval governing style. In correspondence with Russia’s hierarchy social system, religion played a prominent role in society, often …show more content…
Rasputin first exploitation of the Russian monarchy occurred in 1905. After years of trying for a male heir, Tsar Nicholas the II and his wife Alexandra finally produced a male in their fifth child. Unfortunately, the boy carried the rare royal disease that prevented his blood from clotting; hemophilia. Hearing the rumours of the mystical healer Rasputin, the Tsarina called on him to heal Alexei-her son-and quickly became convinced that only he could heal the young heir. Many historians debated the method condoned by Rasputin to aid the prince. Some theories include; hypnosis, Rasputin’s ability to calm Alexie which in turn would reduce his blood pressure and Rasputin’s refusal to allow Alexei to take aspirin-the drug prescribed by the court doctors for pain relief. The reasoning for Rasputin refusal was that he distrusted both the court doctors and their cures, preferring instead to rely on God for health. In later years it was discovered that aspirin was an anti-coagulant and thus, when prescribed by the court doctors, would have worsened Alexei's bleeding. Therefore, simply by a stroke of luck, Rasputin was able to exploit the Russian monarchy into believing he was a mystical, holy healer. Furthermore, Grigori Rasputin exploited the Tsar and Tsarina’s trust in …show more content…
As a result of the revolution, not only was the form of governance in Russia altered, but also Russia itself since the nation was dismantled and reformed into the Soviet Union. Revolutions are formed as a result of change in the ideology of man-in the case of Russian Revolution the people no longer desired to oppressed by the Church, the peasantry class refused to endure further exploitation and Russian society rejected the medieval style of government, instead opting for a modernized socialist party. While the outcome of revolutions around the world differentiate, the one constant is that as man's’ ideology evolves, so to must the society in which man

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