13 Outdoor Halloween Ideas : Spooky Suspended Ghosts Essay

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13 Outdoor Halloween Ideas

1) Spooky Suspended Ghosts
This spooky DIY Halloween project is easy to do and easy on the budget. Gauze, balloons, and string are all you will need to create your own ghostly apparition. Follow these easy-to-use step-by-step instructions and watch as your ghost comes to life before your very eyes.


2) Your Own Special Scarecrow
With just a little lumber and a bit of work, you too can greet halloween visitors with your own special scarecrow. Every scarecrow can be made easily and with unoque features that will give him/her their own special personality. A simple 2x4 post can be used as the main body, a 1x4 for the shoulder section, and four or more 1x4s will be needed for the arms. The elbow joints can be secured with wood glue and screws. The cherry on the top, so to speak, a plastic pumpkin perfects your personal scarecrow creation.

3)Path Of Bloody Footprints
Trick-or-treating can be a messy, bloody affair. Especially, when you leave a trail of bloody footprints for visitors to follow. To recreate this super spooky look, simply, dip your bare feet into a vat of washable red paint and carefully walk along your intended path. Carry the paint with you for touch-ups on the go. For easy clean up
Lead trick-or-treaters to your door with a trail of bloody footprints. Make sure to carry your paint supply with you, should you need to redo your feet, and…

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