10 Qualities Of A Real Woman Essay

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When we saw this topic as an option, there was no argument in what topic our project should be on. We both strongly believe that what makes a man or a woman is the man or woman themselves. It is up to no one but the person themselves to define “what makes a woman or man.” That being said, many other people in the world have their own opinions on what makes a woman and a man.
According to many men on the internet and in the real world, it is their place to say what makes a woman. “She appreciates and respects the value and worth of the men in her life. She knows that part of being a great woman is recognizing and embracing the qualities of a great man.” stated the author of “10 Qualities of a Real Woman.” So, what we can gather from this is that men believe a real woman has to value a man in order to be considered a “real woman.” A woman is not to be defined by anyone else but herself. There is no parameters to what a woman can or cannot be. A woman can be strong, caring, trustworthy, and loyal, but a woman can also be weak, dishonest, and arrogant. However, possessing any of these qualities, good or bad, does not take away or add to what makes this woman a woman. What makes a woman is what she makes of herself. Success, hard work, confidence, honesty, strong-willedness, and loyalty are important characteristics to have, but if a woman does not possess these qualities, she is no less of a woman. A woman is a woman, no matter if they are strong or weak, trustworthy or…

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