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stiffness in middle ear
(Otosclerosis)-sensitive at 2,000 Hz (cond HL)
Type A sub s
interrupted ossicular chain
Type A sub d
poor middle ear
(Otitis media with effusion)
Type B
Negative middle ear pressure
Poorly functioning Eustachian tube
Type C
Overly compliant middle ear
Dislocated ossicular chain
Flaccid T.M.
Type D
spondee words (2 syllable words with equal stress)
should agree with pure tone averages @ 500, 1000, and 2000 Hz
Speech Reception Threshold
Minimal HL
10-25 dB
Mild HL
25-40 dB
Moderate HL
40-55 dB
Moderate Severe HL
55-70 dB
Severe HL
70-90 dB
Profound HL
more than 90 dB
Converts acoustic energy into electrical energy which directly stimulates the 8th nerve
Cochlear implants
Educational approach- intended to maximize the use of residual hearing by denying visual or tactual input to the listener
Auditory verbal
Utilizes spoken language but allows speechreading, facial expressions, and natural gesture
Auditory oral approach
low frequency-high energy
easier to hear
high frequency-low energy
harder to hear
-Language used by Deaf community
-Has its own grammar
-Doesn't follow English rules of syntax
American Sign Language
Uses some signs of ASL and many others as well, English synxtax is used, and every word and word ending is signed
Signed Exact English (SEE)
Usually combines SEE with spoken language
Total Communication
Screening tool NOT for assessing thresholds. This is the method of choice for newborns which is obtained rapidly without coorperation of baby
Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)
pinna is very small and deformed
external ear canal is completely closed
aural atresia