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Otitis externa
an inflammation of the external auditory meatus.
a bony growth in the ear canal
formation of whitish plaques in the tympanic membrane and masses of hard connective tissue around bones of middle ear.
Tympanic Membrane Perforation
hole in the eardrum
Serous Otitis Media
the collection of fluid in the middle ear space, with possible drainage into external ear canal.
Acute Otitis Media
condition characterized by rapid onset of short duration often middle ear infection.
Chronic Otitis Media
condition of long-standing middle ear infection
a tumor, usually occuring in the middle ear and mastoid that combines fats and epithelium from outside middle-ear space.
laying down new bonees in the middle ear, usually around the footplate of the stapes.
infection of the mastoid
a projecting mass of swollen and hypertrophied or tumorous membrane.
the discipline involved in the prevention, identification, and evaluation of hearing disorders, the selection and evaluation of hearing aids, and the habilitation/rehabilitation of individuals with hearing impairments.
a mechanical disturbance propagated through a physical medium.
What is the psychological percept to intensity?
What is the physical counterpart to pitch?
How is sound created?
motion or vibration of an object
What are the units for the frequency of a waveform?
CPS or Hz
What are the units for the period of a waveform?
What is the impact of hearing impairment (adults and children)?
*lag in speech and language
*lag in academics
*lag in social psychological development
this all also depends on the severity of the hearing loss and the age.

*not as social
*poor general health
*tend to be depressed, anxious
*tend to stay inside
What are some statistics of the prevalance of hearing impairment?
*26 million people are hard of hearing
*2 million people are classified as deaf
*30 million people are regularly exposed to hazardous noise levels
*10 million people have some degree of permanent noise-induced hearing loss
What is the moving together of air particles?
What is the moving apart of air particles?
What is the intensity level required to elicit the acoustic reflex?
What is the amount of attenuation offered by the acoustic reflex?
10-30dB depending on frequency
What are the functions of the outer ear?
*absorbs acoustic energy
*carries acoustic energy to tymmpanic membrane
What are the functions of the middle ear?
*protection for inner ear
*acoustic energy changes into mechanical energy
What are the functions of the eustachian tube?
*drains both normal and diseased fluid
*equalizes air pressure between environment and middle ear space.
What is the function of the middle ear muscles?
*protects inner ear from loud sounds
What is the area difference between the tympanic memberane and the oval window?
14 to 1 between
14 and 17 times larger that the oval window
Acoustic Reflex
contraction of one or both of the middle-ear muscles in response to an intense sound.
What is acoustic reflex also refferred to as?
stapedial reflex
What is the function of the acoustic reflex?
measure the stapedius and tensor tympani reflex generated eardrum movement in response to intense sound
What is the function of the external auditory meatus?
helps funnel sound from environment up to eardrum.