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what is the paris commune?
"we will form our own city government" lets the workers run the city
What is a republic?
a government in which the people (men) vote for the leaders
What does France eventually become?
a republic
Paris was not willing to find peace with Germany. Why?
It did not agree with their ideals
__________________ desire emerges after the Paris commune.
co-ed education
After the Paris Commune, more ________ was shared amongst Paris citizens.
The Paris commune was unable to exist for long because __________ had Paris under seige.
Republican army marches into ________ to punish them for not being obident, shut them in exectution.
Thousands of French were killed in protection for the ____________.
Paris Commune
While Europe moves into peaceful society, there is stil workers rising up for _____________.
During what times were there no wars in Europe?
1871-1914 45 years of peace on continent until WWI
what is the new imperialism (KW)?
Portugese 1500s, 1400s, creating outposts along coast of Africa to move goods. Spanish begin subjegnation of surse
In 1531, Portugal exploits ________ for gold and diamonds
British and the Dutch eventually get involved in the ________________.
Antlantic System
During the late 19th century, we see different type of imperalism rooted in desire to be ....
a good country
In the late 19th century it is assumed that a healthy country is one with...
an empire
In 1898 the United States causes the _________ empire to fall.
In the late 19th century, there is an attempt to prove ________'s strength
What is imperialism?
when white people (primarilay) are using military advancements to bring under control a lesser people who are not as technologically advanced
________ says we are capitalistic country and we need to grow our __________ to become a stronger nation for economic growth.
Jules Ferry

__________ says that French/British ships can only burn 2 weeks of coal until it can keep moving. In order to keep moving we need miliary bases for ______ to move ships.
jules ferry

In the late 19th century, __________ are going to Africa in an attempt to convert indigenous tribes.
christain missionaries
one reason christains go to Africa is becuase most Christains are very unhappy with __________ and ____________ ideas
diesm and enlightenment
Why did the Christains go to Africa?
so that they could have untouched terrain
Christain missionaries thought of europe as a _________.
lost cause
During the 19th century, most of the US population was centralized along the ____________.
east and west coast
along with the bousguise culture, more people are ____________.
better able to read
During the late 18th century, what do people like to read about?
pygmys and gorillas and giraffes
In the late 19th century, europeans bring animals to zoo, so that people can see what ______
gorillas look like
What are some of the more big pastimes for richer class?
to go to Africa and kill animlas
Economic, christain, and exotic explorations are reasons to go to Africa/Asia, but one of the biggest reasons is:
what is chauvanism (KW)?
refers to heightening love in one thing or another
During this time, people are white....
Before WWI, there are tons of people involved in ...
Spain no longer controls _______.
Americans, Dutch are all involved in trying to find _____________ for their own economy.
economic markets
Around 1890 we see countries of Europe, scrambling to Africa as big testing grond where Europe can....
carve up territory for own good
What was the "Scramble for Africa" (KW) ?
Belgum was the relativy new country that could speak. hey had a inferiority complex, country on the same rank as Great Britan/Germany. Encouragement of Begum explorers to set up.
What hpapened in the 1890s?
territories in middle called Belgum congo
Belgum sets up a # of __________.
rubber plantations
Why is rubber so important in the 1890s?
it is useful in the bicycles, tires, and machines that are commonly being used now in europe
Who was the king of Belgum during the 1890s?
King Leopold
King Leopold did pay Africans, right?
kind of. but all of the money went to the worker's clothing, food and lodging
Why do most Europeans have trouble going to Africa?
becuase many of them are highly suseptible to malaria
in asia and africa,
war breaks out
In South Africa, the tip of it, is controlled by....
mostly Europeans
what are boers?
desendants of Dutch immigrants who chose to live in South Africa, nationalists of South Africa
Who stops Great Britan's imperialist aspirations to own South Africa?
the boers
Who inflict heavy losses onto Great Britan?
the boers
Who was Cecil Rhodes (KW)?
wealthy man in Great Britan who corners the diamond market in South Africa
What does Cecil Rhodes notice about Africa and Egypt?
That they are both mainly controled by the British
What did Rhodes want to build?
a massive railroad that connects Africa
What is the TransAfrica railroad?
a railroad that was supposed to connect all throughout Africa, but instead it just never happened
Why does Portugal object to the diea of a railraod?
becuse they want to build something else
Ambassadors neeed to meet or they will ________, not worth it to go to war.
go to war.
France evenutally decided to ___________ with Brithan
Who was Charles Darwin?
believed that all organism evolved into current beings, studied animals in Galapoagos
what did Darwin argue?
that certain plants/animals developed
What did Darwin's idea of natural selection believe?
that mates select best species in order to further animal popation
Humankind is involved in a struggle for __________.
Darwin believed that the reason e have healhty, privleges is because those traits make some _______.
organisms better
what is a social darwinist?
someone who applies the ideas of darwin to society
What would a social darwinist say?

the poor are poor becase...
there is something wrong with them
Would a social darwinist give welfare?
no becuase people think that giving them wefare could lead to the idea that omse people should become extinct
once is becomes accepted that social darwiinism is correct, it becomes easier to....
dehumanize poor Africans in the congos
In Germany, englishman name d__________________, put forward idea that German folk were the most elite race
Houston Stewart Chamberlin
Who was Houston Steward Chamberlin?
believed Germans to be the supreme race, all sorts of attempts to explain different races through science
People began to study craniums to see....
if one group of people was smarter than another
Who was Sigmund Freud?
father of psycholanalysis in 1900s, he put forward a number of theories that undermined optimim of the human mind.
WHat did Freud argue?
that despite the fact that we like to think we are a rational civilization, there are dark parts within us that we, as a civilization dicates how all of us feel
What does Freud try to do?
lock the unconsious
What is the ID?
the desires of everything we want, up until then genrally understood that women didn't have sexual desires
ID is reponsible for ___________.
masterbation and pleasure desired
what is the superego?
ryles of society, the constructs of socity that control/parents/limits the Id
What is the EGO?
the moral values based on how superego filters out into the ID
Freud believed that life was filled with rama and pain becuase it hurts to become __________.
Why is Freud important?
because all of us have hidden please. we are selfhsih inside of our selves. Liberalism has to constol these desires.
Freud believed that we had a desire to be uncivilized in our ______________.
who is Neitchze?
resented posiviist idea that western civilization had figured stuff ou.
What did Nietchze argue?
that religion is fiction and not innate
What did Nietchze argue?
that humankind is cruel, that we are animalistic and irrational
Nietchze believed that Western Bousguisese culture could never foster creativity because they were so _________________.
rational and emotioness.
Western civilization teaches people to be ___________, when the true passion of man is __________, thought Niethze.

Nietchze believed people would eventually become __________.
Nietchze eventually started living in an insame asylum and told people he was...
just pretending to be crazy
Neitchze believed that Christianity has made us _________.
If you eliminate Christianity, you have freed ___________, thought Nietchze.
Niethze became ________ to universal suffrage.
Nietchze believed it was a bad idea to constuct political systems beause there are ....
some people who are better than others
What is the Napoleonic Code?
seemed hard to make women's cry, made it hard for women to have complete control over their property. women had to be governed by male figures
John Stewart Mill said there is no reason that ....
women should have the vote and be able to hold political positions
Who is Emmeline Pankhurst?
starts a militant feminist group, traveled with fasionable mufflers,
How did Emmeline Pankhurst protest?
began to vandalize mailbozes in Great Britan. acts of civil disobidience resulted in acts of improsionment
when Pankhurst and her cronies were thrown in jail, what kind of strike did they have then?
a hunger strike
before the 1900s, women colleges are __________.
in the 1900s, women are going to harvard and were to assume positions among...
socialism offereed men freedom from the domination of...
Engels argued for...
female egalitarian position
During WWI, Great Britan and France start to...
back each other up.
When a country goes to war, this draws you with....
Germany alongside france
Serbians, who _______, begin to look for allies in their desire for state.
want own state
Russia wants access to the ______________
Before WWI, agitation stirs in the working class of...
Germany, France, and Italy
Many argue that the whole WWI was an effort to keep..
working class from moving up
what is militarism (kw)?
not just about increasing, but it is also an attitude
When you are obligatiery draft men, you end up with __________, so that if military goes in they are properly funded.
bigger military
Only U.S. and Great Britan do not _________.
draft men to participate in WWI.
War breaks out in the _________, which is a major capital of the Slavs.
Austria/Hungary has good relations with the _____________.
Who is the aire to the Austian/Hungarian throne?
What happened on June 28th, 1914?
the crown prince of Austria makes talk about how its part of Austrian empries
What happened after the Austrian prince made talks about being an austrian empire?
he is gunned down in San Nuevo
The men who shot the Austrian prince...
are arrested
Austria/Hungary police wanted to investiage the murder because they believe ________ was behind the assassination.
Austria/Hungary has ties with ....
Serbia-control over Ottoman empire, autonomous region with ties to....
Russia is friends with
On August 3rd, 1914, Austria/Hungary declares war on
What is the Schlieffan Plan?
plan to send troops through elgum to shock the people and surrender
By directing most troops to the east, austria/hungaary tried to knock out france quickly...
yet they halso had to go war with France and Russia
Germany begins to invade
Belgum and France
British and French able to hold 20 miles outside of ______.
Great Britan/France build a wall that the __________ are unable to penetrat
When the war began, lots of people thought the war was going to be __________, ten everything would be decided.
During WWI, people didn't understand what _______________ could do to people.
militaristic technology
French/Germans begin to dig ________ connected to the front
Trenches were covered with...
bombs and barbed wire
so much of trenches are filled with stagnent ________, there is no time to bury dead because they are......

rotting on the loor
how were the trenches protecteD?
by rapid fire machine guns
who has gas masks in this war?
There are many accounts of mustard gas being thrown, and then...
the wind blowing the mustard gas into the trenches killing own troops
between 1916-1917 the western front ...
didn't move
In 1916 _________British died in short amount of time
Due to men not being around, all the factory jobs started to fall into the hands of __________
________ were yanked out of their homes to support troops.
in WWI, we see efforts from both fronts to conquer territory in...
German diplomat sends a telegram to mexico that says,
"give territory if Mexico declares war on U.S."
France, Germany and Britan all have _________, so many Chinese and Indian countries are encouraged
imperialist interest
Woodrow Wilson highly ____________ from entering the war.
When does America finally decide that they want to go to war in WWI?
The U-Boat crash that kills 100 citizens on a trade ship
What did Russia do in 1905?
went to war with Japanese over territory in modern day career
who defeated russia in 1905?
japan, it was a humiliating defeat for the russian tsar
the middle class in Russia were ______ for political reform
The Russian king and milaitary put down most...
In 1905 it can be seen that Russian liberals were ...
pushing for change
Nicolas II agrees he would build..., continues to have absolute power.
Russian Tzar agrees to initiate domestic reforms on law, this appeared to...
give liberals in russia a taste of what european socieities had had.
From 1914-1916 _______ soldiers were killed by Germans/Austrians. ______ more were maimed or held prisoner
2 million

5 million
Russia had largest miliary but _____ already dying by 1916
Who was Rasputin? (kw)
causes instability in Russian household. He is a Sybrian peasant who claimed to be clairvont who was part of royal family circle
Why was Rasputin's position embaressing to some RUssians?
becuase he was a clairvoyent, and many foudn it degrading that the royal family would be under the spell of a mystic
_________ wanted Rasputin taken out of the royal court.
higher society
by the end of 1916, __________ planeed to assassinate Rasputin
The aristocracy think that Rasputin's deaht will ease _________
political reform
what are Bolsheviks?
educated, shrewd followers of Marxism. good at infiltrating into farmers, women, and labor workers to take them over. believe it's up to them to make revolution.
many strikes initiated by women complaining about __________ in russia..
the price of bread
workers were joining alongside women in tehir ________.
bread protests
all were coming together in russia, attempting to get rid of the _________.
What did the Bolsheviks do to persuade most everyone?
used simple language: we need peace, land and bread
After Nicolas II quits in Russia, a ______________ is established afterwards
provisonal government
soviets popped up all over the place of workers or students, constructing....
a central government is very difficult, all have various different message, great diffusion in political landscape
in these clubs, bolsheviks succeed in "infilrating"..
for what marx said was great
most people continue to live by the __________, want to jump alll the way to the revoltion
who does the Bolsheviks proclaimation of peace, land, and bread resonate with?
the illeterate
Worker Control of Production comes from what?
it is a effective labor working saying for Bolsheviks
Who is Vladamir Lenin?
becomes obessed with Marxist theor and reforming of Russia, becomes enemy o state.
How does Lenin spend most of his life?
in exhile
What did Lenin believe Russia should do?
overthrow the liberal government
By the end of october 1917, Lenin and Bolveiviks party gow from __________ russians to ________ in less than a year.

what happens on the 6th and 7th of november?
pro-bolshevik take control of Petersburg and force collapse of governments
now there is a new government with lenin on top, didn't matter that Rusia losing....
possessions with germany
In 1917, Lenin declared a peace treaty with Germany which allowed Germany to
focus on the western front and focus on france
What was the cause for America to send more troops?
because Russia pulled out from the war in 1917
What constituted as the "reds" in russia?
those who wanted to see communism
what constitued as the "whites" in russia?
those who wanted to see lenin fall, and see an liberal republic start
what happened in russia between 1918-1921?
there was a war between reds and whites.
Who is Leon Trotsky?
civilian cheif of staff, makes it punishable by death to betray the red army
what did trotsky do to those who didn't like the red army?
he tightened displine to them, often punishing them
who was responsible for extending spies and agents across Russia to creat the precusor of the SBG, spends time trying to infilrate?
Leon Trotsky
Trotsky created an agency that used spies to find people.....
sympathetic to the red army
After the war ends, the US, and France rkae up camps exterior rim of .....
Russian territory
Americans supply weapons in Russia to who?
the "whites"
From 1918 to 1921, the Bolshevik regime is transformed and becomes a ........., it seems to have moved toward a ........
bueracratic state

WWI end in January 1919 in a series of peace treaties that meet in....
Who was Woodrow Wilson?
he came together to hammer out peace treaties in 1919, bringing an end to WWI
What is the League of Nations?
meets once a year, has countries meet once a year, woodrow wilson started this idea because he wanted to build a nation of the worlds
what did Wilson want to do?
wanted to reduce armorments in Europe nd US, wanted to move away from empires, and for everyone to have their own little country
What was one of the main problems with the league of nations?
great britan and france
Great Britan and France wanted the __________ to take blame for WWI.
GB and France wanted _____ to pay for WWI and to send money to US, Frace, and GB
1932 Olympics was made possible by...
technological advancements
More people start going to .... in 1932
in 1932 more people start ......
by 1932, ther eis a lot of media
film radio newspaper
by 1932, workers start to enjoy shorter work days...
by getting raises
the olympics were a effort to...
capture world and to have a festival of humanity
nations, cities begin to spend a whole bunch of money on the,,,,
they begin to make it easier for a __________ culture to develop
the oceans between great britan and the united states is brought in by _____________.
the mail system is _________ to a degree so that you can send from San Fransico to New York in a matter of __________.

Who is Otto Dix?
practically intereted in paiting the obsurdity of those who came from the German front. He did many drawings with people who are mutilated, they have atough time integrating into society
WWI confirmed that Nietchze and Freud weren't __________.
After WWI, many began to see justification in the work of...
Nietchze and Freud
Who was Grosz?
artist who painted moments of death, also depicts the comic/disgusting/sad nature of veterans who came back after war
What is the Dada movement?
refers to the idea of babbling...associated with the veterans who were shellshocked, tried to capture the disconnect of life from fighting WII. Art is absurb. Artists tried to be iconoclasts
Who is Dushant?
an artist who created a mona lisa painting with a mustache on it, and something written on the bottom "she has a nice ass"
__________ followed Dadaism
Who was Salvador Dali?
famous surrealist, not above taking drugs, concerred with tapping into the subconcious
French and British diplomats wanted _______ to pay for way.
_________ had to cut down on military.
________ is going to be hated inside of germany after what happens with GB.
The United States congress didn't want to be part of the __________.
league of nations
Italians/Nazis wanted to construct a new _______.
german nation
communists didn't want _____________.
another nation in germany
facism tends to emphaize community over ....
what happens on October 1929?
Italians are nationalistic, but the nazis begin to think about ethnic, race needs to be liberated as control to liberals (both are facism)
What happpens in October of 1929?

crash in stock market generated by much speculaton
banks begin to call in stocks and bonds, and ...... during the GD
the stock market plunges
In the United States, _________ find themselves without a job
Great Britan begins to feel a wave of the _________ of the great depression.
economic crash
There is a great deal of unemployment, people lose their savings and.....
ran people out of their livelihood during the GD
The whalebone corsetry that accentuated the woman's figure began to disappear once...
women started going to the factories
more women wanted to keep working, they started to......
smoke and drink and engage in the same practices men did: such as bisexuality
the 1919 pandemic is a germ that started from what?
a pig
the 1919 pandemic killed..... from Americans to Spaniard to Asians
90 to 100 million people
what was one myth about the tunics that women wore?
that the tunic drafts could dry up vaginas and make women not able to reproduce
Woman's right to have sex and reproduce is attempted to be regulated by the _____________.
nazi regime
People of lesser race were said to be ___________ by Hitler so that they couldn't go on.
what is a totlitarian regime?
tries to control all the economic, social, ad political life, a regime that seeks complete control of its population
what does a totalitarianism state do?
it erases the individual, and insitsts the masses be involved in succeeding the regime's ideas, won't tolerate indiviudal opposition
what is facism?
anti liberal, put community before the individual, facists want a German community, doesn't like the idea that everything boils down to economics
This man was an antisocilist and an alternative to liberal democry and communism
what type of people fled to Mossulini?
capitalists realize they let ________ say things
if facists need to be a political force, they need to make ________ with the church and middle class
Vladmir Lenin dies in ______
Who is the sucessor of Vladmir Lenin?
Joesph Stalin
Who was Stalin?
He perverted Marxism and tried to control every part of everyone's life
Stalin becomes a __________ leader to strengthen state and give him better positions.
tyranical leader
Stalin's coming to power was very __________.
How did Stalin come into power?
He arrested communist leaders and sent them to concentration camps, and he had "mock trials" on the radio
Stalin wanted to _____________ territory
some Ukranian peasants who thought they were going to own land have have happy life, they were _____________, how?
attacked by stalin. he stole their cows and burned their houses
Stalin was paranoid that someone was trying to ____________
destroy his government
Due to Stalin psychopathic nature, what was he known to do?
kill people on a whim to show force and trust
Facists are against ______.
Nacism refers to ....
German Style Facism
Nazis spend time beating up .....
socialists and communistsq
eventually the nazis begin to muscle into ....
The Nazis burned down the parliament, but they blamed it on the __________, therefore the __________ got kicked out the parliament
communist party

communist party
Lots of Catholics become ______ by force.
Hitler was most paranoid about his __________.
inner circle
What is the "Night of Long Knifes"?
Hitler orders execution of very powerful military leaders
Nations wanted Germany to have army no bigger than 100,000, yet Hitler...
broke this wish
What does "Mien Kampf" mean?
My Struggle
What was "Mein Kampf" about?
that the jews are a different race from an aryan race

that the blueprint to expand territory since they are a superrace.

build a major empire for German people
How did Hitler manage to sepeate the Jews from other people in the population?
he made them wear stars of david, and also made them have stars of david in businesses.
In 1935, what happens?
Hitler restricts the Jewish movement. He forbids intermarriage between German Jews and Christain Jews)
What happened in 1931 Spain?
people voted for a reublic, finally, this ends hundreds of years when spain was run by a king
Spain is a democratically elected government from...
1931 to 1936
General Fransico France leads military to invade his country, Spain, in an effoort to break dwon the ...
Catholics, Facists, Trationtionalis fight for nationlists and ....
republic of spain
Hitler, Mossoulinii knew this was more than a ......., a war to show that facism is a wave of the future.
civil war
The civil war lasts for three year in Spain. HOw close did the people fighting know each other?
brother vs. brother
Franco allowed the Germans to ______ spainards.
League of Nations sya they shouldn't....
get involved.
In WWI, no bombing of civilians, yet in Spanish Civil war they are willing to kill _________ in order to achieve ___________.

political agenda
Hitler stands up to liberal democracy, it only looks after the ,,,
Hitler/Stalin work out temporary _________ in which the Soviet Union and Germany agree to not go at war with each other.
peace treaty
Germany didn't have to worry about ________, s Hitler could conentrate all of his troops and invade ___________.

In Japan, a facist party rises, believe Janases are a permnanet race.....
try to exapand territory beyond Japan
In Japan, they massively execute men, enslaving women and children, turning middle class women into ________ to adress the sexual needs of ________ military

Japanese governments have a lot in common with __________.
Germany, Japan, and _______ began a treaty to look after one another.
Not so much leads to conflict but leads ___________ to back corrider to extend its corridor of Germany
Soviet Union
Poland has a _______.
communist dictatorship
Who was June Cleever?
an American woman with pears, she was on the "Leave it to Beaver" show. SHe becomes the archtype of the Suburban American Dream
In the ______ people begin to move out of inner cities
________ moves out of cities.
white america
many people moved to a ________________ whcih greatly leads to the American culture of ______.
single dwelling household
To help Europe rebuild self after WWII, the U.S. doesn't withdraw. Whole decision is ___________ to give spot to hold tide. US became a very ___________ country.

_________ said he should be acommunity, almost like US dragged into war with bombing of Pearl Harbor
Woodrow Wilson
Turkey gets lots of money, given proximity to __________, great deal of money not expected in Marhshall Plan of 1937.
Soviet Union
NATO is formed. What does NATO stand for?
North American Treaty Organization
With NATO, US works out allaince to have....
military bases
_______________ spends a great deal of money on the nuclear union.
Soviet Union
West side of Berlin is contorledd by thhe ________ during the Atomic Age.
Soviet Union
in 1948, _______ wanted remaining people living in _________ to leave.

allies cleverly fly airplanes from Frankfort to east ___________ to drop food and propoganda who are under sigee to get __________ to survive winter.

What is the HOuse UnAmerican Act?
to hunt out communists
What is McCarthyism
snitches on anyone they suspect to be a communist
movie directiors, actors are _____ because they were considered unAmerican due to McCarthyism
Among allies, there is resentment about how powerful ______ has become after 1945
We are the greatest winners after __________.
Americans start to "hemogenize"....
other cuntries
what is de Gaulle?
unhapy with united states connecton
tension between HIndus and Muslims lead to serious conflicts that left ....
thousands dead
Hindus forced 10 million/Hindus pushed awa from each other...
taking all possessions at gunpoint and going to find peace
Who is Matahat Ghandi?
although he was a valient spokesman, tries to bring in Hindus and Muslims in India, but fails after a radical Hindu assassinates him
Little by little, Britan gets out of....
China leased ______ to Britan for 99 years.
Hong Kong
white desendants will not be comforable with British _____________.
racial tensions betweens whites and blacks in _________ which will persitst for generations and generations
In contrast to British, Dutch and _______ are more unwilling for a fight
In New Guinea (controlled by Dutch) and ______ refuse to leave part of territroy which cofounds efforts of dictator to create one ______.

Japanese take to liberate themselves from _____________.
the white man
France tries to reain terriotry lost to the _____________.
war on French v. ____________, given proximity of China close to Vietnam
French quit in Algeria in ______, but French onwilling to live in ALgerian state destory own sources of __________. the wreck _______ when they leave.


pORTUGAL continues to own some African colonies. how much
25-30% o portugal budget fought for the colonies
why do the african tribes have mass genocides?
because the european countries build arbitrary boundaries
Identify the passage:

This concentration wass undisturbed by love affairs. I had seen too much--too early--to have the least desire to join in the painful scamble of my workmates. The very surroundings of a shop life acentuated the desire of the most shop girls to get married. Long hours of work and the living in system deprived them of the normal companionship of men in their lesuire hours, and the wonder is that so many of the women continued to be good and kind, and self-respecting, without the incentive of a great cause, or of any interest outside of their job.
Margaret Bondfield "A Life's Work"
Identity this passage:

They have dared to do this. Very well, then, I shall dare too. I shall tell the truth, for I pledged that I would tell it, if our judicial system, one that was brought before it through the normal channels, did not tell the truth, the whole truth. It is my duty to speak up; I will not be an assessory to the fact. If I were, my nights would be haunted by the spectre of that innocent man so far away, suffering the worst kind of torture he pays for a crime he did not commit.
Emile Zola "J'accuse!"
Identify the Passage:

Now, while I share in the feeling of indignation which has been expressed to you by my daughter, I have lived longer in the world than she. Perhaps I can look roung the whole question better than she has, but I want to say here, deliberatel, to you, that we are here today because we are driven here. We have taken this action, because as women---and I want you to understand that women we have taken this action--it is because we realize that the condition of our sex is so deplorable that it is our duty even to break the law in order t call attention to the reasons why we do so.
Emmeline Pankhurst- "Speech from the dock"
Identify this passage:

In this way we advanced on Tuesday, marcching for three hours, a silent column, in the moonlight, towards the Front into trench as Reserve, two to three hundred yards from the English, close behind our own infantry.
Fritz Franke and Siegfried Sassoon-"Two Soldiers' Views of the Horrors of War"
Identify the passage:

"The foremen scold now and then, but they mustn't count it against us; doesn't everyone know that a man is an apprentice before he becomes a mechanic? But at resent, however simplified, however divided up the tasks may be, you become a qualified mechanic right away."
L. Doriat "Women on the Home Front"
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As for "personal dictatorship" excuse the expression, but it is utter nonsense. The appartus has already become gigantic--in some places excessively so--and under such conditions a "personal dictatorship" is entirely unrealizable and attempts to realize it would only be harmful."
"Letter to Nikolai Aleksandrovich Rozhkov"
by Vladmir IIich Lenin
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"Facism today is clearly defined not only as a regime but as a doctrine. ANd I mean by this that Facism today, self critical as well as critical of other movements, has an unequivocal point of view of its own, a criterion, and hence an aim, in face of all the material and intellectual problems which oppress the people of the world."
"The Doctrine of Facism"
by Benito Mussolini
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"Around people who offer too violent a resistence to attack from within he weaves a net of enemires, thanks to his international influence, incites them to war, and finally, if necessary, plants the flag of revolution on the very battlefiels."
"Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler
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Today, in GERMANY, NATIONALISM has degenerated into BOURGEOIS PATRIOTISM, and its power exhausts itself in tilting at windmills. It says GERMANY and means MONARCHY. It proclaims FREEDOM and means BLACK-WHITE-RED.
"Nazi Propaganda Pamphlet"

by Joesph Goebbels
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Since I first went to Berchtesgaden more than 20,000 letters and telegrams have come to No. 10, Downing street. Of course, I have only been able to look at a tiny fraction of them, but I have seen enough to know the people who wrote did not feel that they had such a cause for which to fight, if they were asked to go to war in order that the Sudeten Germans might not join the Reich. hat is how they are feeling. That is my awnser to those who say that we should have told Germany weeks ago that, if her army crossed the border of Czechoslovakia, we should be at war with her. We had no treaty obligations and no legal obligations to Czechoslovakia and if we had said that, we feel that we should have recieved no support from the people of this country
"Speech on the Munich Crisis" by Neville Chamberlain
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From al the peoples, from all the races, you came to us like brothers, like sons of immortal Sapin, and in the hardest days of war, when the capital of Spanish Republic was threatened, it was you, fallant comrades of the International Brigades, who helped save the city with your fighting enthusiasm, your heroism and your spirit of sacrifice.---And Jarama and Guadalarjara, Brunete and Belchite, Lrevante and Ebro, in immortal verses sing of the courage, the sacrifice, the daring, the discipline of the men of the International Brigades.
"La Pasionaria's Farwell Address"

by Isidora Dolores Ibarruri Gomez
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The German occupation was humilation from day 1. If Jewish people were weating the beard and sidecurls, the Germans were cutting the beard, cutting the sidecurls, laughitng at you, beating you up a little bit. Then he Germans toook part of Lodz and put on barbed wire, an all the Jews had to assemble is this ghetto area. You had to leavea in five or ten mintutes or an half an hour, so you couldn't take much stuff with you.
"Memories of the Holocust"

by Sam Bankhalter and Hinda Kibort
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"We are now prepared to obliterate more radidly and completely every productive enterprise the Japanese have above ground in any city. We shall destroy their docks, their factories, and their communications. Let there be no mistakes; we shall completely destry Japan's power to make war.
Truman announces the Dropping of the Atom Bomb on Hiroshimaa

by Harry S. Truman
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These cahnges are characterized by a new disposition of the basic political forces operating in the world arena, by a change in the relations among the victor states in the Second World War, and thier realignment.
"The formation of the communist infomation bureau"

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NO subject will readily volunteer to become the object, the inessential; it is not the other who, in defining himself as the other, establishes the ONe. The other is posed as such by the one in defining himself as the one. But if the other is not to regain the status of being the one, he must be submissive enough to accept this alein point of view. Whence comes this submission in the case of a woman?
"The Second Sex"

by Simone de Beauvoir
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people were learning through doing things themselves, learning selfconfidence. it was magic, there were all these kids from nice middle calss homes who'd never done or said anything and were not suddenly speaking. it was democracy of the public space in the market place, a discourse where nobody was privelegd. If anything encapsulated what we were trying to do and why, it was that....
student voices of protest

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the voice of the intelligensia and of all the working ppeople has begun to make itself heard powerfully and strongly in society's spirtual life. This is one of the first gains accomplished by perestroika. Democratism is impossible without freedom of though and specech, without the open, broad clas of opnions, without keeping a critical eye on our life...
Glasnost and the Soviet Press