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To provide for greater control over local interests and thereby avoid anarchy, the National Assembly divided France into
Cahiers de doleances were
grievances of the people of France that were recorded in notebooks.
On what day did Paris citizens storm the Bastille prison?
14 July, 1789
Napoleon's Continental System represented
economic warfare against Britain to ruin a nation he could not defeat militarily.
Napoleon was defeated for the final time at Waterloo on
15 June 1815.
The passage of the Civil Constitution of the Clergy in July 1790 had all of the following negative effects on the Revolution EXCEPT which one?
French Catholics were forced to embrace the Huguenot faith because of the act's portrayal of priests as the Devil's servants.
In April 1792 France first declared war on
Napoleon's greatest military mistake was his decision to
invade Russia in 1812.
Napoleon had himself elected ________ in 1802, becoming more powerful than any previous Bourbon king of France.
First Consul for life
The author of the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and Citizen was
Olympe de Gouges
The National Assembly wanted to control eruptions of rural violence because
they knew that they had to maintain peace and protect property to stay in power and be credible.
Which of the following was NOT a problem facing the revolutionary government in the summer of 1791?
religious warfare between Catholics and Huguenots
What estate contained "commoners" in 18th century France?
Third Estate
The government that emerged in France after Robespierre's fall from power was the
What French monarch was referred to as the "Liberator" of America?
Louis XVI
Prior to 1788, the French Estates-General last met in
Slave unrest in the French colony of ___________ that coincided with the political conflicts of the Revolution led the revolutionaries of Paris to support black independence.
Saint Domingue
What French aristocrat joined the American revolutionary effort in 1777?
Although Napoleon failed in lasting imperial conquests, he likely helped spread
revolutionary ideals concerning the will of people and political power.
Following the costly Seven Years' War, aristocratic magistrates attempted to stall increased taxation by
charging the king with attacking liberty itself in his attempt to tax those who were exempt by virtue of their privileged status.
Maximilien Robespierre's political philosophy was influenced by The Social Contract of
Jean Jacques Rousseau.
Peasants paid all of the following obligations before the French Revolution EXCEPT
taxes on cake and bread
In pre-revolutionary France, the magistrates represented the
The event that brought France to the brink of bankruptcy was France's support of
the American colonists in their War of American Independence.
The rallying cry of the second revolution that began in 1792 was
equality and nationalism.
Assignats were
bonds backed by confiscated Church property that soon assumed the status of banknotes.
According to the text the first stage of the French Revolution was based on
The sans-cullotes consisted of
working men and women of Paris.
How did Napoleon break the tradition of coronation by the Popes established in the time of Charlemagne?
He took the crown from Pope Pius VII and placed it on his own head.