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The first Americans, Indians, migrated to north america from ______ 12,000 to 40,000 years ago
Why are they called indians?
Because Colombous though he had reached the Indies and named them indians
What is the difference between an anthropologist and an archiologist?
anthropologists study human culture present and past, archeologists study artifacts from the past
Name five plants that are native to the Western Hemisphere
corn potaoes lima beans wheat and barley
which early indian civilization was located in guatemala and later the yucatan peninsula?
The incas inhabited the area that is now ------ and -----
ecuador and peru
What united states National Park contains ruins from the Anasazi people?
Mesa Verde
Why was North American Indian death rate so high after the Europeans arived?
The EUropeans brought diseases such as measels and small pox
What does the word renaissance mean?
Who invented the new printing press?
Johannes Gutenberg
What was the country of Columbus' birth?
When Columbus reached America, he was sailing under the flag of___
What was the Spanish colonists attitude toward the indians?
Developed the encomienda system
Who sold african slaves to the spanish
What european countires established colonies in the new world?
Spain and England
Which european nation began and dominated colonization in north america?
New Spain
The first colony was established in 1585 at -----
Toanoke Island
Did the first established colony last long?
no, only one year
Did Jamestown last when established in 1607 in Virgina?
What were the frist representatives in the colonies called?
The house of Burgesses
What religon were those traveling on the MayFlower?
Separatists or Pilgrims
Why did the pilgrims want to leave England?
They foresaw that Europe was soon to engulf in a religious war
Who was the pilgrims leader?
John SMith
Were the pilgrims free to keep all profits from the colony?
Yes, they made the mayflower compact
What caused the great migration?
Puritan's Future looked bleak, so they emigrated to America believing that enland was going to rack and ruin
Did all of the puritans go to colonies in New England?
Where did puritans go other than new england?
West Indies
In the massachusetts Bay Colony, was there a close relationship between the church and the colonial government?
Charles I thought that they were one, but many people fought that idea
Did women and indians have any voting rights in chosing the colonial government?
Why did the Puritans believe everyone should be though to read?
So that they could read and understand the bible because it is the 'source of truth'
A well educated ministry was needed to teach the bible. Thus ---- was created.
Did the puritan culture spread to other areas or remain only in Mass.?
Spread to conneticutt leading it was Thomas Hooker
In the Puritan Mass. colony was there religious freedom or the ability to dissent from the majority religion?
Why did Roger WIlliams found a colony in Rhode Island?
because the general court wanted to send him back to england but he sliped away and founded that colony
Another dessenter, banished from Mass. and founder of another colony in Rhode Island was -----
Anne Hudchenson
Were the Puritans hospitable to the Quakers?
How many generations did the Puritan commonwealth last before the King of England forced a new charter on Mass. and required religious tolerance?
3 generations
Why was Maryland founded?
As a refuge for catholics fleeing persecution
Why was Maryland founded?
As a refuge for catholics fleeing persecution
In virgina and maryland, english ships brought manufactured goos with them and returned to england with -----
Why was there less religous and societal control in the chespeake area?
because there were no towns and no one was required to go to chruch
what were indentured servants?
a servant that would be a slave for a certian amount of time in turn for their sea debts paid and then they would be set free with clothes and land
The dutch colony let what groups settle there?
all, blachs scandinavians, puritans and jews. they were the most culturally diverse colony
Why did New Amsterdam become New York?
The Cuke of York came to get New Amsterdam's land, and they sutomaticaly surrendered, when he acuired the land he became the proprietor re-naming it new york
Pennsylvania was settled at first by the religious group called the ----
Who were the Scots-Irish that came to philadelphia, pehhsylvania?
Scottish protestants, farmers and weavers who felt the push of the old world and the ppull of the new
who was the carolina colony controlled by?
England, huguenofs cam though
THe prosperity of the Carolinas was aided by the ----- trade
THe prosperity of the Carolinas was aided by the ----- trade
When james Oglethorpe founded the Georgia colony, was slavery still allowed?
WOuld you say that colonial life was calm and peaceful?
no, very rough
Who was nathaniel bacon?
when the governor wouldnt punish indians, he formed a group too, and killed some indians, while this was happening the governor made an army and a civil war broke out but ended when bacon became ill and died
did americans have any self-government before the american revolution?
what english document, issued in 1215 laid the foundation for 'rights of englishmen'?
magna carta
the basis for the united states system is common law, what is it?
a tradition of customs and law based on previous court decisions
Were the american colonists free to sell their goods to any country?
no they couldnt sell to the dutch
did the events in england in the 1680s have any affect on the colonies?
when did the slave trade begin to increase?
after the 1700s
did slaves have the same legal rights as colonists?
no way
by 1720, were the majority of american colonists church members?
after the great awakening, were there many church denominations or one?
a lot
in england, what was a 'bigwig?'
a larg wig that came down to the sholders, judges wore them
what nation supported indian raids on english settlements?
what was the benjamin franklin's plan to solve the defense problems of the colonies?
albany plan of union
did the french and indian war have any relationship to the events occurring in europe?
what treaty ended french control of canada?
treeasy of paris
who said 'there are no gains without pains'?
benjamin franklin