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Formal withdrawing of state from the union
a series of congressional mesuers intended to settle major disagreements b/w free and slave states
compromise of 1850
The forcible seizure of men military service
Policy granting 50 acres of land to settlers and each family member who accompanied him
headright system
A pre-Civil war set of measures designed to unify the nation and strengthen its economy
American system
Change in social and economic organization that resulted from the replacement of hand tools with machines
industrial revolution
The idea expressed by Stephan Douglas in 1858, that any territory could exclude slavery by simply refusing to pass laws supporting it
Freeport doctrine
amendment proposing that none of the territory acquired in the war with Mexico would be open to slavery
willmot proviso
A talented drill master that transformed the Continental Army by teaching how to execute field maneuvers fire and reload
Von Steuben
John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton were
Andrew Jackson believed that ______ symbolized Eastern wealth and threatened American democracy
Bank of U.S.
Jackson's vice pres. _______ publicly disagreed with him on the subject of the state's rights
Dorothea Dix devoted ehr life to trying to reform the treatment of the ________
The mormon migration to Uta was lead by
Brigham Young
Aided the American cause by joining George Washington's staff leading a command in Virginia
3 important cash crops in southern colonies
indigo rice tobacco