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what were writs of assistanbe?
warrants that gave british colonials rights to search for illegal goods
What phrase in the forth ammendment states the end of writs of assistance?
unreasonable searched and seizures, shall not be violated and no warrents shall be issued but upon probable cause
What was the Stamp Act?
you have to buy stamps to send mail
What was the quartering act?
any colony could be forced to house and feed troops
what does the third ammendment say about the quartering act?
that you cannot be foreced to house troops in a private home without consent
how many people were killed in the boston massacre of 1770?
Who was Crispus Attucks?
a runaway slave killed in the Boston Massacre
What were the Committees of correspondence?
a network in Mass. in which vital news could quickly travel.
Why was there a Boston Tea Party in 1773?
Because Colonial shippers hated that the parliament could make monopolies so they pushed all of this tea in the harbor as an act of protest
in 1774, what did the delegates to the First Continental Congress vote to do?
to establish another boycott of brittish goods
who were the minutemen?
soldiers fighting for freedom from the british
where was the 'shot heard around the world'?
concord or boston
patriots supported -----
tories, or loyalists favored -----
to remain loyal to the king
who said 'give me liberty or give me death'? and
Patrick Henry
what are mercenaries?
hired soldiers
what country did the mercenaries come from?
who wrote the pamphlet, Commen Sense, influencing the population to oppose the British?
Thomas Paine
Who do we celebrate the 4th of july as a national holiday?
this is the day of independance for america from britan!!!!!
how many blacks fought in the continental army?
what is a 'summer soldier'?
patriots that were in service in the hardest times, when spirts were low
why was general geogre washington able to capture hessians?
because the hessians were sleeping
who did france support?
how many troops did france send to help?
in the south, did guerilla bands follow honorable rules of war?
what is the date of surrender of the british?
oct. 17 1781
when did britian offically recognize american independance?
what was the new national government plan that was adopted?
articles of the confederation (republican)
was slavery to be allowed in the states to be carved from the northwestern territories?
could the new national government levy taxes or enforce laws?
no, congress couldnt
state after state stopped supporting churched with ---
government- collected taxes
what was the 'northwest Territory'?
land that hadnt been settled northwest of the ohio river
the national government had no money to back back loans that had been borrowed from ---- and ----
france and holland
there was little respect, internationally, from ------
other nations
money was printed by congress and the ------ --- ---
inflation went up
no way to settle disputes between the -----
each state had its own trade policy and levied ------- against products of other states
what was shays rebellion?
farmers rebelled when they out lawed payments to be made in paper currency
why was the Consitution Convention held?
for the sole and express purpose of revising the articles of confederation
what was the average age of the delegates?
had any of them served in their state legislatures and had experience in drafting new state constitutions?
Who said 'if men were angels, no government would be necesssary' (also called the father of the constitution)
James Madison
Did james madison ever become the president?
were members of the press allowed into the independence hall?
what was the purpose of haveing three branches of government?
checks and balences
this was borrowed from Montesquieu of France and such structure is called a system of _______
check and balences
Was there a disagreement between the large states and the small states over representation in te new congress?
What was the GREAT COMPROMISE that settled this dissagreement?
lower house- population, upper house- equal representations
how were slaves to be counted for representation purpose?
3/4 of them counted as the population of a state
who was gouveneur Morris?
He styled the final constitution
what was The Federalist?
news paper essays in favor of the constitution
how did the bill of rights become a part of our constitution?
the states called for it when ratifing the constitution
what US supreme court case gave the US supreme court power to declase a law unconstitutional?
Marbury vrs. Madison (1803)
what is the elastic clause?
the same for the very flexible necessary and proper clause
strict constitution?
government has only those powers that the constitution specifically says
loose construction?
the government can do anything the constitution does not say it cannot to
what was Washingtons advice in his farewell address concerning alliances with other nations?
who was john marshall?
served as chief Justice and established the power of judicial reveiw
as the 1800s began who had possesstion of what is now California?
Who was Robert Gray?
an explorer who discovered the Colombia River and claimed it for the US
what year what the Louisiana Purchase from France?
why did lewis and clark explore the area from St. Louis to the Pacific coast
to make claims for the US
Who fought in the war of 1812?
americans and british
was there a real winner or looser?