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Examples of new culture in 1920's
popularity of radio
motion picture theatres
19th Amendment
women's sufferage
Teapot Dome
political scandal
Attorney Mitchell Palmer
wanted to protect Americans from the communists
Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti
illustrated prejudice against immigrants
Prohibition failed because
it was too difficult to enforce
Scopes Trial
outlawed teaching of evolution
Main Goal of KKK
promote white supremacy
Henry Ford
made automobiles more affordable by setting up the assembly line
The Great Migration
Africanm Americans from south to northern cities
Jazz music- New Orleans
Louis Armstrong
responsible for putting people back to work
Works Progress Administration
During Depression women accused of
taking jobs away from men
Laissez Faire Economics
used by Hoover to end Depression
Causes of Great Depression
buying on margin and buying goods on credit
still exist today
hydro-electric power
increased national debt
lasting effects of the New Deal
Francis Perkins
1st woman appointed to President's Cabinet
Huey Long
claimed New Deal policies were inadequate and proposed a social program called Share our Wealth
Who signed the non-aggression act with Germany- leading to the invasion of Poland?
The Soviet Union
Main Objective of Agriculture Adjustment Act
increase farmer's pay
Role of Eleanor Roosevelt in Roosevelt administration
important advisor on domestic policy
Roosevelt's first 100 days
passed legislation to improve the economy
Social Security Act
biggest long term impact of New Deal Policies
As a part of the policy of Appeasement Britain and France
gave in to Hitler's demands
Manhattan Porject
developed atomic bomb
Actions of what country finally forced the U.S to enter the war
deliberate extermination of a specific group of people
leader who transformed the Soviet Union from rural to industrial power
Civilian Conservation Corp
reflected Roosevelt's concern for the environment
Battle of Stalingrad
turning point in the war
island hopping
describes the war in the Pacific
1st city to have Atomic Bomb dropped
Marshall Plan
US supplied economic aid to European Nations after WWII
GI Bill of Rights
gave federal funding for veterans education and training
Battle of the Bulge
last ditch effort by Hitler to break the lines of the Allies
unit of ownership in a company
selling stock for profit
capital gain
measuring tool for the stock market
Dow Jones
buying stock with little or no information
Teapot Done scandal
centered on oil reserves
At the Washington Naval Conference, US agreed to
gradual disarmament
1st practical peacetime use of airplanes
carrying mail
Ku Klux Klan against
Catholics and Jews
Ohio Gang
President Harding's corrupt cabinet members from Ohio
This president decided to drop the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Harry Truman
Robert Oppenheimer
In charge of the Manhattan PRoject
Battle of Britain
1st air battle ever fought
The battle that was the turning point in the Pacific Theater
Neville Chamberlain
British Prime Minister during WWII
Battle of Stalingrad
turning point on the eastern front
Francisco Franco
Allied troops invaded this country in 1942
North Africa
an Axis Power
Mein Kampf
book that outlined Hitler's beliefs
Nuremburg Laws
legally defined who was/ wasn't a Jew
Munich Agreement
Attempt to appease Hitler
government based on race with a strong dictator in control
Evacuation of British troops from the NW of France
War Trials for several high Nazi officials
Nuremberg Trials
Douglas MacArthur
General forced to leave the Phillipines-parting words " I shall return"
bombing raid on Tokyo was a boost to US morale in early days of the war and a shock to the Japanese
Desert Fox
Erwin Rommel
Supreme Allied Commander in Europe
Hundred Days
FDR's first 3 months in office
Repealed Prohibition
21st Ammendment
Veterans who marched on Washington DC for early payment of pensions
Bonus Army
record high import tax - discouraged trade with Europe-made it impossible for European countries to repay war debts
Hawley-Smoot Tariff
Priest from Royal Oak= weekly political commentary on radio
Charles Coughlin
Federal action to determine that banks were in sound financial condition
Bank Holiday
Republican approach which would weaken an individual's self-reliance and make them lazy
Direct relief
surprise & overwhelming force
Causes of Great Depression
Buying on margin,buying goods on credit, uneven distribution of wealth