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Who was Merlyn?
a wise magician
WHo was Arthur?
at first a small boy who was a nothing for the royal family he was adopted from, and then turned into King Arthur when he pulled the sword out of the stone.
Who was Guenever?
the unfaithful wife of KIng Arthur
Who was Lancelot?
a knight that since young age wanted to be the greatest knight, (very good), and has an affair with Guenever
What is a quest?
adventures of knights or heroes in relation to chivalry.

-in search of something desireable (holy grail, beautiful maiden, riches)
-struggle between good and evil
-metaphorically represents "a journey into the darker side of human nature and back again"
What is chivalry?
a code of behavior that a knight was expected to follow
Piety (respect for god)

Used to be brutal--more refined by christian faith
Name 3 of the themes in the ONce and Future KIng?
-Innocence is not enough
-Original Sin
What is Courtly love?
an unattainable love for an aristocratic lady
-inspired a knights heroic deeds
-not reality ( courlty loved involoved an idealized relationship that could not exist within the context of actual medieval mariages
What were the two most important factors in "The Birds"?
foreshadowing, and mood
What was the theme of poison?
discrimination against the Indians from the English
What was the main factor of the theme?
societal attitudes and cultural norms
What are Neurosis?
a relatively minor mental disorder
What are Psychosis?
a serious mental disorder
What was the significance of "a cup of tea"
it was irony because they just killed their parents in a rage, and now they are all normal asking the man if he wanted a cup of tea
What does avenge mean?
to get revenge
What are masons?
brick or stone worker
What does bourne mean?
to endure
what is retribution?
What is verbal irony?
when someone says one thing but really means something completely diffrent
What is the primary characteristic of a perfect crime?
What is situational Irony?
when the opposite of what we expect to happen actually occurs
What is dramatic irony?
when the reader knows something important that a character does not
What is a redressor?
someone seeking revenge
What is fortunados weakness?
his pride and his ability to judge wine. (egotistical)
What was the aspect of human condition in The cask of Amontillado?
fortunado was faced with death
What does vermilion mean?
scarlet or red
what is heresy?
mockery, taunting
what is mar?
to spoil or destroy
What was the biggest factor in the story "The Scarlet Ibis"?