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La clase se ponede pie.
The class stands up.
La clase se sienta.
The class sits down.
Bob se pone de pie rapido.
Bob stands up quickly.
Sarah se sienta muy despacio.
Sarah sits down very slowly.
Tony se sienta muy despacio tambien.
Tony sits down very slowly also.
Se pone la clase de pie?
Does the class stand up?
Se sienta la clase?
Does the class sit down?
Se pone la clase de pie o se sienta la clase?
Does the class stand up or does the class sit down?
Que se pone de pie?
What stands up?
Que se sienta?
What sits down?
Quien se pone de pie?
Who stands up?
Quien se sienta?
Who sits down?
La clase come.
The class eats.
La clase sonrie.
The class smiles.
La clase llora.
The class cries.
a lot
a little
Papas fritas
French fries
Sonrie la clase?
Does the class smile?
Llora la clase?
Does the class cry?
Sonrie la clase o llora la clase?
Does the class smile or does the class cry?
Que come la clase?
What does the class eat?
Quien come una manzana?
Who eats an apple?
Quien sonrie mucho?
Who smiles a lot?
Quien llora poco?
Who cries a little?
he is wearing; he wears
usa (with colors)
he wears (it is his habit to do so)
pantalones azules
blue pants
un abrigo negro
a black coat
una camisa roja
a red shirt
una falda verde
a green shirt
zapatos blancos
white shoes
calcetines cafes
brown socks
un sueter amarillo
a yellow sweater
un vestido rosado
a pink dress
sandalias nuevas
new sandals
un chaleco viejo
an old vest
una chaqueta naranja
an orange jacket
chanclas chiquitas
little slippers, flip flops
botas grandes
big boots