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female fire fighters hair will not extend more than____ inches below the collar.
Pigtails are acceptable as long as they are neat. true or false
comp time can be used instead of sick leave. t true or false?
anthrax spores are usualy only harmful if inhaled, ingested or intrduced into a wound or eye. true or false?
persons exposed to anthrax are usually contagious for the next 24 hrs after exposure? true or false?
false-not contagious at all
Incubation period for anthrax is .
1 - 6 days before symptoms are noticed.
sick leave accrual rates for a 56 hour week.
42 hour week.
40 hour week.
12 hours per month.
8.4 hours per month.
8 hours per month.
any supervisor that is in the sick leave management plan will be exempt from conducting sick leave counseling sessions with their subordinates..true or false?
Albuquerque style / shite leatherette. black visor and a 1/2 gold sliding strap with 2 gold buttons describes what?
uniform caps for the fire chief,deputy chief, commanders, and captains
the Albuquerque fire dept is the largest participating organization for new mexico task force-1. true or false
AFD will allow ___ members to be deployed with NMTF-1.
all incidents reports will be completed by the end of the 48 hour cycle without exception. true or false?
what is a notice of investigation?
an initial stage of corrective measures of an employees job function.
steps for managing performance
I. coaching/counseling
.letter of instruction
.letter of cautionary advisement.
II. progressive discipline.
.reprimand (verbal and written)
the supervisor shall report all on the job injuries to ________.
risk management
a non verbal gesture such as: looking or staring at a person up and down can be considered sexual harassment? true or false?
the city reserves the right without notice to inspect, modify,return, reject or discard any e-mail it receives for any reason. true or false?