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Describe the difference between a theory X and a theory Y manager.
A theory X manager believes that people do not like to work, so they need to be closely watched and controlled.
A theory Y manager believes people do like to work and that they need to be encouraged, not controlled.
List Maslow's Hierarchy of Need
Level One: Physiological Needs
Level Two: Safety, Security, and Order
Level Three: Social, Affection
Level Four: Esteem, Status
Level Five: Self-acutalization
What did the Wagner-Connery Act of 1935 establish?
The procedures that are commonly called collective barganing.
What was a "yellow dog contract"?
A pledge stating that a worker would not join a union as long as they were employed by that company.
What is the most significant provision of the Taft-Hartley Labor Act?
The President is granted certain powers to help settle a dispute. The President can order employees back to work, compel arbitration, or provide economic, judicial, or political pressure to achieve a resolution to the dispute.
Define: Grievance Procedure
An incrimental, multistep process that requires a timely resopnse to resolve a grievance.
What is the role of the incident safety officer on scene?
Monitors the scene and reports the status of conditions, hazards, and risks to the incident commander.