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discipline that attempts to understand these social forces: the forces outside us that shape our lives, interest, and personalitites.
Social Determination
the assumption that humans behavior is explained exclusively by social factors
Human Agency
individuals are not passive, they activly shape social life by adapting to, negotiating with, and changing social structures
Sociolgoical Imagination
task of sociology was to realize that individual circumstances are inextricably linked to the structure of society
written by: C. Wright Mills
knowledge bades on systematic observation, experiment, and comparison
Social facts
social factors that exist external to individuls such as tradition, values, laws, religious ideology, and population density
Sociological theory
set of ideas that explains a range of human behavior and a variety of sociala nd societal events
a representative part of a population
an attitude, behavior, or condition that can vary in magnitude and significance from case to case
Control group
group of subjects not exposed to the independent variable
Experimental Group
group of subjects who are exposed to the independent variable
Dependent variable
variable that is influenced by the effect of another variable
Independent variable
variable that affects another variable