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What material was used to build the missions?
Adobe brick was used to make and build the missons.
Which spanish settler thought Monterey Bay was Perfect?
Sesbatian Viscanio thought that MOnterey bay was perfect for settlers.
Which Spanish explorer conqered the Aztec's?
Hernando Cortes conquered the Aztecs.
What highly dangerous thing did the Spanish explorers bring to California.
The Spanish explorers brought disease to California.
What are the three reasons the settlers came to America.
1:Spain wanted to find a short cut to Asia 2:Spanish explorers wanted to find treasure 3:Spain needed a port for the sailors returning form the Phillipine islands.
What is the main purpose of a presido?
They were made to protect missions from attack.
Who was a threat to Spain?
Because of his attacks on spanish ships Franis Drake was a threat to the Spanish explorers.
Why was El Camino Real so helpful to people in California.
El Camino leads to missons, presidos, and pueblos.
Which Spanish explorer was looking for the Strait of Anian but never found it.
Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo.
Why did King Carlos the Thrid want settlement in Atla, California.
To protect Spainish claims from other countries.
Why were Pueblos different than other settlements in Atla,California?
The pueblos were run by there people not soliders or priests.
What important thiing did the indians have to give up to live in the missions.
The indians had to give up there customs.
What did the native californians start against the spanish warriors.
The started revolts.
What did King Carlos order to be built during the eighteenth century.
He wanted settlements to be built In Atla, California.
The first_____ was built after the first mission was established in 1769.