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Since most crops are grow with irragation farmers used what?
Planned communities started being built before or after World War 2?
On John Muir's the United States created California's first ____ That's why he's _?
two national parks, conservation leader.
Because of technology farmers are able to _______ on _____ and ________
harvest crops, less land, with fewer workers.
International trade is one of the reasons California has a what?
Strong economy.
The differnce between a private school and a public school is that___?
Private schools don't get money.
California has the ________?
largest population.
A reason for urban sprawl is that automobiles did what?
allowed people to live and work in different areas.
Three things you can do to protect the envoirment are to _____?
conserve water, recycle materials, and volunteer to clean up parks and rivers.
Californians have helped____ by _____?
clean up air pollution, limiting car emmissions.
The Internet is____?
a network that links to computers.
Women began demanding jobs equalas rights in ___ because they ____?
1960's, earned less than men fore the same jobs.
Migrant workers improved their working conditions by ______?
Creating labor unions.
Californians worked for equal rights by _____, _______,_____?
Eleting civil rights leaders , making speeches, and protesting against discrimination.
California's economy changed after World War 2 because
it became more diverse.