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James Madison
Called the Father of Constitution; served as Secretary of State and 4th president of the United States
Sandra Day O' Connor
First Women Supreme Court Justice, appointed by president Ronald Reagan in 1981
Thurgood Marshall
First black Supreme Court justice, appointed by President Lyndon Johnson in 1967
distribution of legislative seats according to population
leaders in the executive branch who advise the president
concurrent powers
The powers that the federal government and the states share
delgated powers
powers given exclusively to the federal governmanet and forbidden to the states
to expel a foreigner from a country
double jeaopardy
this means that poeple who are accused of a crime and found not guilty may not be on trial again for the same crime
selection of people to serve the army
due process
the act of assuring that laws may not treat people unfairly
elastic clause
article I of the Constitution that allows Congress to stretch its delgated powers to the address issues that the nation's founders could not have foreseen
eminent domain
the government's right to take private property for the good of all citizens
executive orders
The President can create law directly through these
the process of bringing charges against a government official in order to remove them from office
accuse formally of a crime
the process of becoming a citizen
A warrant granting release from punishment for an offense
a formal message requesting something that is submitted to an authority
political action committees
group of people who donate money (usually large amounts) to candidates with similar beliefs
representatives democracy
government where the people are represented by elected leaders
search warrant
legal or formeal document obtained from a judge, required by the fourth ammendment, allowing for the legal search of an individual's person, belongings, or abode.
to reject a bill and try to stop it from becoming law