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official order
Customs Duties
import taxes
statements of a group's opinions
changes in policy
Haden Edwards
a businessman from Kentucky who received an empresario contract
Jose Antonio Saucedo
an official who decided that Edwards could not charge for new land titles
Benjamin Edwards
brother of Haden who started the Fredonian Rebellion and the Repubilc of Fredonia
Manuel Mier y Teran
general who investigated conditions in Texas
Vicente Guerrero
issued the Guerrero Decree, which ended slavery in Mexico
Stephen F. Austin
man who had his own colony and didn't like the Law of April 6, 1830
Erasmo Seguin
person who supported U.S. immigration and opposed the Law of April 6, 1830
Jose Antonio Navarro
person who supported U.S. immigration and opposed the Law of April 6, 1830
Juan Seguin
person who supported U.S. immigration and opposed the Law of April 6, 1830
Asa Hill
a settler in Stephen F. Austin's colony
Juan Davis Bradburn
a colonel who commanded the troops at Anahuac
Francisco Madero
a surveyor from Coahuila who was arrested by Bradburn
William B. Travis
citizen who was arrested by Bradburn
Patrick Jack
citizen who was arrested with William B. Travis by Bradburn
John Austin
a settler in Brazoria who helped organize a large force which marched torward Anahuac
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
general who tried to overthrow Anastacio Bustamante
Anastacio Bustamante
president who had complete control of the Mexican government
Jose Antonio Mexia
a colonel who supported Santa Anna and came to Brazoria with his army
Jose de las Piedras
colonel who led Mexican force to Macogdoches and blamed Bradburn for conflict with U.S. settlers
George Fisher
a U.S settler who had become a Mexican who ordered ships who landed in Texas to pay their customs duties at Anahuac
Domingo de Ugartechea
colonel who wouldn't let John Austin's group pass near the mouth of the Brazos River
William H. Wharton
a delegate who was chosen in the convention of 1832 to present the resolutions to the state and federal governments
James B. Miller
a person who was chosen to present the proposed constitution to Santa Anna
Valentin Gomez Farias
vice president of Santa Anna who promised to present the requests of Austin to the Mexican Congress
Andrew Briscoe
was arrested for trying to fool the Mexican official at Anahuac
Antonio Tenorio
captain who started collecting taxes in 1835 at Anahuac where it hadn't been collected since 1832
Martin Perfecto de Cos
the military commander of Texas, arrested Travis, Robert Williams, Samuel Williams, F.W. Johnson, and Lorenzo de Zavala
Lorenzo de Zavala
former Mexican cabinet member, state governor, and a firm supporter of federalism