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In behavioral science what are the two research types?
1. Experimental Research

2. Descriptive Research
What type of research calls for the observations of the effect on a variable due to a specific cause from another variable?
Experimental Research
What study design compares a group of individuals receiving a treatment to another group that's not receiving a treatment?
Group Study Design
Define a single subject design.
A study were treatment results are analyzed of one subject over a period of time.
Define Content Validity.
This terms refers to the assessment that is going to be used during an evaluation has content information that is based on the specific skills that needs to be measured.
Define Concurrent Validity
This measures how well a test correlates with another validated measure.
Correlation Coefficient
It measures the way to events correlate with each other.
Types Quantitative Research consist of.....
1. Surveys
2. Descriptive information
3.Comparative information
4True Experiment
5. Ex Post Facto
Qualitative Research consist of...
1. Case Study
2. Ethnography
3. Documental
What are the four types of research studies?
1. True Experiment
2. Observational Research
3. Correlational Research
4. Quasi Experiments