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What is empiricism, and who "created" it?
The theory that knowledge comes from experience.
~John Locke
What is Structuralism, and who "created" it?
The theory that introspection explores the elemental structure of the mind.
~Edward Bradford
What is Functionalism and who "created" it?
The theory that focuses on mental and behavioral processes- how they allow for adaptation.
~William James
Psychology is.....?
The Science of behavior and mental processes.
Behavior is.......?
Anything an organizm does any observable/recordable action.
Mental Processes are.......?
Internal subjective experiences infered frp, behavior, perceptions, sensations, thoughts, beliefs and feelings.
What is the aim of Basic Research?
The aim is to increase scientific knowledge.
What is applied research?
Study aiming to solve practical problems.
What does a Clinical Psychologist do?
Studies, asses, and treats people with psychological problems.
What is Psychiatry?
It is a branch of medicnine dealing with psychological disorders and sometimes providing treatment. (Can perscribe drugs)