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How is visual information processed?
-Neural impules travel from retina
-to the LGN
-to the V1
What is the LGN?
Lateral Geniculate Nucleus
What is the V1?
Primary Visual Cortex
What did Stephen Kuffler discover?
He discovered center-on and center-off cells in the retina and LGN of cats
only fire when light his the middle
only fire when a light hits the outside
What are Gregory's 4 Illusions?
ambiguity- Necker cube
distortion- 2 lines with backwards arrows
paradox- Penrose staircase
fiction- Kaniza triangle (white triangle from spaces in lines and solids)
Arguments of Gregory's view
-Lacks validity 'cause it doesn't focus on everyday perception, but rare "abnormalities"
- Doesn't explain how ppl acquire the perceptual knowledge required for perception
- Some exlanations of why illusions occur are not very convincing
J.J. Gibson's theory of direct perception cues (6)
-relative size
J.J. Gibson coined the phrase:
optic flow: how we view the environment (things moving away get smaller, etc.)