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During which of Freud's stages of psychosexual development do children become attracted to opposite sex?
Tendency to experience unpleasant emotions easily?
What is often considered the central concept of Freud's theory?
Psychological disorder involves depression that is so severe its victims suffer from delusions?
Psychotic Depression
Intense fear of being in a situation from which immediate escape is not possible?
Long standing inflexible maladaptive pattern of behaving and relating to others, which usually begins in early childhood or adolscence?
Personality disorder
Psych. disorder marked by a loss of contact with reality?
Schizophrenia or Psychosis
Alfred Kinsey is known for?
Conducting the first important survey of human sexual behavior
Individuals provided with more extrensic motivation than is nedded to complete a task resulting in a decline in intrinsic motivation?
Drive Reduction
Make a final decision without giving much thought to it?
Identity foreclosure
Maslow's theory considers?
self-actualization and organization of human motivation
Attribution that focuses on an individuals ability or personality characteristics?
Individuals with antisocial personality disorders are?
People who often experience feeling of anger
The smaller the value of "p". (probability)?
The more significant the results
To draw conclusions about a large population from info. about a small sample researchers use?
Inferential Statistics
What is standard deviation?
A measurement of the variation that exists among scores in the normal distribution
What is the distance between the highest and lowest data points in a set?
A diagnosis of schizophrenia typically includes which of the following symptoms?
A neuron is said to be polarized when?
It is in a resting state
A school psychologist informs 9th grade teacher that Jimmy "identifies" with his 12th grade brother. What does Jimmy intend to do?
Accept his brothers values and imitate his behavior
True about altruism?
More likely to be inherited than agressive behavior
Brain waves during REM sleep look like?
Rapid low amplitude waves
Checking coin return every time you pass a pay phone?
Variable Ratio
Damage to parietal lobes results in what?
Reduced sensibility to touch
What areas of research show girls develop earlier than boys?
Adolescent physical growth spurt
When a child thinks that all animals with four legs for ex. would be a dog is?
Stimulus Generalization
Bystander effect has been explained by?
Diffusion of responsibility
The psychological approach that emphasizes actions and options and considers the importance of objective measurement?
Humanistic Psychology
Most influential behaviorist?
B.F. Skinner
Who developed the theory of evolution?
Charles Darwin
Theory that explores abnormal behavior as learned reactions to environmental influences is?
The stimulus-response theory
Method of retrieving info. from memory in which an individual receives valuable hints about material?
Cued Recall
What controls long term hunger regulation?
Young adulthood, the main conflict is?
Intimacy vs. Isolation
Hormone for short term hunger regulation?
What defense mechanism involves diverting a behavior or thought from its regular target to a less threatening one?
What psychological theory recognizes interpersonal communication between an individual parent, adult, and child states of mind?
Transactional Analysis
Who conceived the theory that personality consists of 3 parts, the ego, personal unconscious, collective unconscious?
Carl Jung