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specific need, desire, or want, such as hunger, thirst, or achievement,that prompts goal-oriented behavior
feeling, such as fear, joy, or surprise, that underlies behavior
inborn, inflexible, goal-directed behavior that is characteristic of an entire species
state of tension or arousal brought on by biological needs
theory that motivated behavior is aimed at reducing a state of bodily tension or arousal and returning the organism to homeostatis
drive-reduction theory
state of balance and stability in which the organism functions effectively
external stimuli that prompts goal-directed behavior
a desire to perform a behavior that originates w/in the individual
intrinsic motivation
a desire to perfrom a behavior to obtain an external reward or avoid punishment
extrinsic motivation
psysiologically based unlearned motive
primary drives
simple sugar that is the main source of body energy
body interprets this as a danger and will lower metablism to maintain body weight and keep homeostatis
weight loss
a homeostatis mechanism in the body that regulates metabolism, fat storage, and food intake so as to maintain a preprogrammed weight
set point
a serious eating disorder that is associated with an intense fear of weight gain and a distorted body image
anorexia nervosa
an eating disorder characterized by binges of eating followed by self-induced vomiting
primary drive
primary male sex hormone
substance secreted by some animals; when scented they enhance sexual readiness of the opposite sex
refers to the direction of an individual's sexual interests
sexual orientation
focuses on a specific object that must be touched, handled, played with, felt before we are satisfied; motive limited to primates
more universal, people want to touch other people; not limited to fingers and toes, but body as well
behavior aimed at doing harm to others; also the motive to behave aggressively
when people perceive themselves as individuals
people who emphasize interpersonal relationships
the overcoming of an obstacle(social motive)
the need to excel to achieve
achievement motive
the need to win recognition or to influence or control other people or groups; a social motive
power motive
the need to be with others; a social motive
affiliation motive
culture specific rules that govern how, when, and why facial expressions of emotion are displayed
display rules
symptoms of anorexia nervosa
1. intense fear of becoming obese
2.disturbance of body image
3.refusal to maintain body weight at or above a minimal normal weight for age and height
4. in females, the absence of at lest three consecutive menstrual cycles
the drive to realize one's full potential