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What is psychology??
The scientific study of behavior and mental processes
What is the scientific method??
The orderly, systematic procedures that researchers follow as they identify a research problem, design a study to investigate the problem, collect and analyze data, draw conclusions, and communicate their findings.
What is a theory??
A general principle proposed to explain how a number of separate facts are related.
What is replication??
The process of repeating a study with different participants and preferably a different investigator to verify research findings.
What is basic research???
Research conducted to seek new knowledge and to explore and advance general scientific understanding.
What is applied research??
Research conducted specifically to solve practical problems and improve the quality of life.
What is critical thinking??
The process of objectively evaluating claims, propositions, and conclusions to determine whether they follow logically from the evidence presented.
What is independent think??
When thinking critically, we do not automatically accept and believe what we read or hear.
What is suspension of judgment??
critical thinking requires gathering relevant and up-to-date information on all sides of an issue before taking a position.
What is willingness to modify??
Critical thinking involves evaluating new evidence, even when it contradicts pre-existing beliefs.
What is descriptive research method??
Research method that yield descriptions of behavior.
What is naturalistic observation??
A description research method in which researchers observe and record behavior in its natural setting, without attempting to influence or control it.
What is laboratory observation??
A descriptive research method in which behavior is studied in a laboratory setting, where researchers can exert more control and use more precise equipment to measure responses.
What is a case study??
A descriptive research method in which a single individual or a small number of persons are studied in great depth, usually over an extended period of time.
What is a survey??
A descriptive research method in which researchers use interviews and/or questionnaires to gather information about the attitudes, beliefs, experiences, or behaviors of a group of people.