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What are the 5 atmosperhic levels?
Troposphere: extends from sfc. to about 36,000 FT.
Tropopause: acts as a lid to confine water vapor, and associated weather, to the troposphere
Stratosphere: has the same composition of troposphere and extends to 160,000 FT.
Mesosphere and Thermosphere: no practical influence on weather.
What is Convection ?
A circulation process where heated air becomes lighter and less dense, and then denser heavier cool air, sinks down replacing warmer rising air.
Name the three cell circulation pattern ?
- Hadley Cell > 0 - 30 degree
- Ferrel Cell > 30 - 60
- Polar Cell > 60 - 90
How does air generally flow ?
from the COOL, DENSE air of HIGHS into the WARM, LESS DENSE air of LOWS.
What is Coriolis Force ?
it causes all free-moving objects to trace a curved path due to the earth's rotation.
What is Frictional Force?
it reduces the Coriolis Force, making the pressure gradient stronger, causing a wind to shift directions when near the earths surface.
What causes a Sea Breeze ?
During the day, temp. differential causes high pressures from the cooler sea to go towards the lower pressures in warmer land causing a breeze/wind.