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Evaluation research employs which method(s)?
a. surveys
b. experiments
c. observation
d. existing statistics

Which one of the following is correct? (About evaluation research)
Evaluation research is a form of applied reserach.
The recent growth of evaluation research is due primarily to:
increased federal requirements and financial support.
Which one of the following is an example of social intervention?
A stdy of the effect of team teaching on learning.
Teh most critical problem in evaluation reserach is:
measuring the outcome.
The key issue in specifying and measuring outcomes is:
to consider multiple outcomes nad multiple indicators ofe ach.
Which of teh following strategies is particularly useful for measuring the effects of experimental contexts?
Control groups.
Measures that have been used previously are likely to have higher degrees of:
validity and reliability.
Quasi-experimental designs differ from "true" experimenta designs by:
lack of random assignment and lack of a control group.
Professor Gabino wants to do an evaluation research study on the effect of a new treatment for learning disabilities. She has only one group of clients and wants to assess the effects over the course of a couple of months. Which design would be best?
Professor Yee wants to do an evaluation study of teh effects of a patient education program on patient anxiety. He uses one wing in a hospital for the experiment and compares the results with a similar gropu of patients in a similar wing in another hospital. Which design would be best?
Nonequivalent control group.
Cost-benefit analyss is used to assess:
how much of an increase of effect is suffiient for success, given cost.
Evaluation researchers encounter more logistical problems than other reserachres because evaluation research:
occurs in the context of real life.
The ethical issues of evaluation research center on:
the nature of social intervention.
Computer simulations is particularly useful for:
predicting outcomes of specific social changes.
The end product of quantifying data is to convert measurements into:
machine-readable forms
Which one of the following is an example of a frequency distribution of grouped data for age?
18-25, 40 people; 26-50, 60 people; over 50. 20 people
The overall distribution of values for a variable are called :
The process of assigning number to questionnaires responses is known as:
Which measure of central tendency divides the distribution into two halves?
With several extreme scores, which measure of dispersion would be most appropriate?
Interquartile range.
A fundemental dilemma in presenting data is:
detail verus mangaeability.
Descriptive analyses are most often accomplished with which type of statistical analysis?
Comparing the church attendance of men and women for descriptive purposes is an example of:
subgroup comparisons.
Professor Dorn analyzed the relationship between age and voting behavior. This is an example of which type of analysis?
The fundaental rule in reading tables is to:
read across the categories of the independent variable in analyzing the dependent variable.
Another term for bivariate tables is:
contingency tables.
Professor Goldsmid studied the relationshp between gender and religiousity while controlling for social class. This is an example of which type of analysis?
Multivariate analysis.
Combining two independent variables and one dependent variable into one tbale is possible only when:
the dependent variable is dichotomous.