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The three main elements of the traditional model of science are:
theory, operationalization, observation.
Which of the following is the best example of a hypothesis?
The greater the level of education, the greater the tolerance for alternative lifestyles.
Preofessor Pellson noticed that the sudents who sat in the fron t row in her classes usually got A's. After observing this pattern over several seemsters, she decided that students who sit in the front row are generally good students. This is an example of:
inductive reasoning.
The unemployment rate in the United States is about five percent. This is an example of a:
Which of the following is not a step in deductive theory construction? Or are they all steps.
a. specify the topic.
b. identify the major concepts and variables.
c. identify propossitions about the relationships among those variables.
d. reason logically from those propositions to the specific topic one is examining.

Yolanda carefully developed a measure for social integration among the nurses in her study so that she could test her hypothesis. She clearly identified the dimensions of social integration and then dfeveloped items to measure each dimension. She then described how to create a total integration score. Yolanda was performing: