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Jak si
What's your name?
Nazywam si
My name is Jan Kowalski.
Jak si
How are you?
Fine, thanks.
Jak on si
What's his name?
Jak ona si
What's her name?
On si
His name's Janusz Kowalski.
Ona ma na imi
Her name's Marta.
Where are you from?
Where's he from?
Where's she from?
Jaki jest tw
What's your job?
Jaki jest jego zaw
What's his job?
Jaki jest jej zaw
What's her job?
On jest lekarzem.
He is a Doctor.
Ona jest nauczycielk
She's a teacher.
Jaki masz number telephonu?
What's your phone number?
Jaki on ma number telefonu?
What's his phone number?
Jaki ona ma numer telefonu.
What's her telephone number.
My telephone number is 3217703.
Jaki jest jej adres?
What's her address?
Jaki jest jego adres?
What's his address?
Ile masz lat?
How old are you? [literally: how-much have-you years]
Ile on ma lat?
How old is he? [literally: how-much he has years?]
Ile ona ma lat?
How old is she? [literally: how-many she has years?]
Mam 28 lat.
I'm 28 years old. [literally: I've 28 years.]
On ma 25 lat.
He is 25 years old [literally: he has 25 years.]
Ona ma 21 lat.
She is 21 years old. [literally: She has 21 years.]
To prawda.
That's right. [could also mean it's right.]
To nieprawda.
That's not right. [literally: That/it not-right.]
Nie wiem.
I don't know. [literally: not know-I]
Jaki jest dzisiaj dzień
What day is it today? [literally: What is today day?]
Jaki jest jutro dzień
What day is it tomorrow? [litterally: What is tomorrow day?]
Kiedy pracujesz?
When do you work? [literally: When work-you?]
Idę do szkoły teraz.
I am going to school now.
Jak się nasywasz?
What's your name? [literally: What self name-you?]
Nazywam się Jan Kowalski.
My name is Jan Kowalski. [literally: name-mine self Jan Kowalski.]
Jak się masz?
How are you? [literally: How self have(you)?]
Świetnie, dziękuję.
Fine, thanks.
Bardzo dobrze.
Very well.