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What hormones does the hypothalmus secrete?
Major actions of TRH?
(thyrotropin-releasing hormone)
stimulates secretion of TSH and prolactin
Major actions of CRH?
(corticotropin-releasing hormone)
stimulates s/c of ACTH
Major actions of GnRH?
(gonadotropin-releasing hormone)
stimulates s/c of LH and FSH
Major actions of GHRH?
(growth hormone releasing hormone)
stimulates s/c of growth hormone
Major actions of SRIF?
(somatotropin release-inhibiting factor, aka somatostatin)
inhibits s/c of growth hormone
Major actions of PIF?
(prolactin-inhibiting factor, aka dopamine)
inhibits s/c of prolactin
What hormones are released by the anterior pituitary?
TSH, FSH, LH, GH, prolactin, ACTH, MSH
Major actions of TSH?
(thyroid-stimulating hormone)
stimulates synthesis and s/c of thyroid hormones
Major actions of FSH?
(follicle-stimulating hormone)
stimulates growth of ovarian follicles and estrogen s/c; OR promotes sperm maturation
Major actions of LH?
(lutenizing hormone)
stimulates ovulation, formation of corpus luteum, synthesis of estrogen and progesterone; OR stimulates synthesis and s/c of testosterone
Major actions of GH?
(growth hormone)
stimulates protein synthesis and overall growth
Major actions of prolactin?
stimulates milk production and breast development
Major actions of ACTH?
(adrenocorticotropic hormone)
stimulates synthesis and s/c of adrenal cortical hormones
Major actions of MSH?
(melanocyte-stimulating hormone)
stimulates melanin synthesis (? humans)
What test is used to measure hormone concentrations in bodily fluids?
How is a radioimmunoassay performed?
1. soln w/known amt antibody + known amt radioactively labeled hormone, and UNKNOWN amt of target (unlabeled) hormone
2. labeled and unlabeled hormones compete for antibody binding sites
3. high bound/free radioactive hormone = low conc of unlabeled hormone (and vice versa)
What are the intermediates in the synthesis pathway from DNA -> hormone?
DNA -> mRNA -> preprohormone -> prohormone -> hormone
Where is the DNA transcribed?
Where is the mRNA translated? What is the resulting peptide?
is translated on ribosomes (on RER) in cytoplasm; end result is preprohormone
What must occur to convert a preprohormone to a prohormone?
signal peptide binds to RER and is cleaved
What must occur to convert a prohormone to a hormone?
prohormone is transferred to golgi and packaged in secretory vessels, additional peptide sequences are cleaved, resulting in final hormone
What is the precursor for steroid hormones?
What is the common derivative of amine hormones?