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1975 Albergale Paper v Moody
Key Issue: job relatedness and validity of employment test. Signifigance: any test that are used as part of the hiring or promotional decision making process must be job related. This applies to any instrument that is used as a "test," even if that was not it's original purpose. This case also established that employment test must be consistent with the Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures.
The study of how adults learn.
Automobile Workers vs Johnson Controls
THe case in which the Supreme Court ruled that Johnson Controls' fetal protection policy constituted a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.
Beck Rights
The right for bargaining unit members to pay only that portion of union dues which is attributable to mainline union responsibilities (collective bargaining, organizing in the same industry, contract administration, and the like). It is up to the employee, however, to exercise his or her Beck rights. Beck rights were established by 1988 Supreme Court Decision in Communication Workers of America v. Beck (1988).
Cause and Effect Diagram
Also known as the Ishikawa or fishbone diagram. An important quality tool developed by Ishikawa that presents a visual representation of factors that impact whether a desired outcome will be obtained. Ishikawa believed that, by presenting all the possible factors that contribute to a particular result, any potential process imperfections can be identified in advance and eliminated.
Circuit City Stores, Inc. v Adams (2001)
The landmark Supreme Court Case that confimed the legality of requiring employees to sign mandatory arbritration agreements as a condition of employment and that such agreements are enforceable under the Federal Arbritration Act (FAA)
Common Situs Picketing
A type of picketing that is actually a type of secondary boycott. Common situs picketing occurs when members of a labor union picket a workplace in which multiple employers work: the employer with whom the labor union has the dispute, as well as one or more employers with whom the labor union does not have a dispute.
Davis-Bacon Act, 1931
The first piece of legislation to consider the topic of, and actually establish, a minimum wage. Davis-Bacon, however, was (and still is) limited to the construction industry, specifically those contractors and subcontractors on; any and all federal government construction contracts; nonfederal government consruction projects in excess of $2,000 that receive federal funding. (Establish a wage at or above what workers on similiar projects receive).
Brinkerhoff, Robert
Brinkerhoff's evaluation model incoorporates "formative evaluation".
An agreement that requires the employer to pay wages to union members whether or not the work is needed.