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What did the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 do?
Established the first national policy for safety and health.
Who is responsible for administration and enforcment of the Occupational Safety and Health Act?
The Department of Labor
Name some of the objectives of OSHA.
Encourage reduction of safety and health hazards.
Est mandatory h & S standards
create a commission to hear appeals, discover connections, train, enforce, reporting, joint labor management enforcement
What employees would not be covered under OSHA?
family farm workers and self employed workers.
What is the broad coverage that OSHA has?
Any person engaged in a business affecting commerce who has employees but does not include any state or political subdivision of a state.
What is an employees responsiblity as far as OSHA is concerned?
Each employee is responsible for complying with all occupationl safety and health standards and all rules, regulations and orders under the act.
What are the employee's rights under OSHA?
-Right to demand safety
-Right to request inspections
-Right to have an aut emp rep accompany an inspection
-Right to file a complaint
-Right to be informed of hazards
-Right to recieve training
What is the verbage of the General Duty Clause?
It states that each employee has the right to a place of employment which is free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm.
What are the employers responsibilities as far as keeping employees informed regarding OSHA?
-dysplay posters
-posting of applicable regs
-Posting of citations
-Maintaining accurate records
-Permiting employee rep to be present for an inspection
WHat is an employers responsibiility in relation to keeping employees Healthy and Safe?
-Correcting cited violations
-Allow employees to refuse dangerous work
-Providing PPE
-Porviding Medical survalance
-Providing training
-Ensuring that people directing work understand all laws rules and regs
Explain the purpose of a voluntary protection program (VPP)?
This is a program where the employers cooperate with OSHA to develop programs.
This OSHA regulation requires employers to provide clear and concise guidelines for preparing an emergency action plan.
Emergency Exit Procedures (1974)
The Occupational Noise Exposure act of 1974 does what?
requires employers to provide for effective engineering or admin controls to reduce noise when they when they equal or exceed 85 decibles in 8 hours.
The Machine Guarding rule of OSHA covers what.
General requirements for all machinery to protect tohe operator and other employees from hazards.
In 1986 OSHA came up with the Employee Right to know law/ Hazard Communication what are the requirements of this law?
It requires an inventory of hazardous chemicals and evaulation of chemical haz in the workplace.
Under the Hazard Communication act how are employee informed of chemical hazards in the workplace?
MSDS sheets
Under the Control of Hazardous energy-Lockout/tagout provision of OSHA what is the requirement?
Employers are req. to affix lockout/tagout devices to prevent unexpected start-up of equipiment.
What is the Bloodborne Pathogens standard?
It is designed to protect employees from exposure to blood and body fluids.
What are some of the employer requirements of the Bloodborne Pathogens standard.
-Written exposure plan
-Comply with emp. protection
-Provide training
-Keep a record of any exposure
-Keep a record of each employee exposed to potentially infectious materials
-Offer exposed emp the Hep B vaccine
The Bloodborne Pathogens standard was revised in 2000. What was the revision and what did it do?
It was revised to add the Needlestick safety and Prevention Act which requires employers to consider safer needle devices, log all needlesticks, maintain privacy of persons who suffer needlesticks
The confined Space Entry standard of 1993 is designed for what?
Designed to protect workers in confined spaces from hazardous atomsphers, entrapment or engulfment.
WHat are the three categories of the Confined Space Entry standard?
Adequate oxygen content in the breathing air
Toxic substance exposure
Physical exposure
If a permit is required prior to entering a confined space what are the requirements?
General entry controls
Pre-entry training requirements
Emergency rescue procedures
Written safe entry program that is avail for review
The PPE standard of 1994 did what?
Protects employees from environmental, process, chemical, mechanical or radiologic hazards.
What does the PPE Standard require employers to do?
-Assess the workplace to determine if hazards are present and if PPE is needed
-Provide PPE
-Ensure PPE is used and maintained
What is the aim of the Process Safety Management standard?
To minimize the consequences of catastropic releases of toxic, reactive or flammable chemicals. Requires training and certification for employees.
OSHA does not require employers to keep records if...
They have 10 or fewer employees or engage in retail trade, finance, insurance, real estate and service industry
What is the purpose of OSHA Form 300
It is a log of work related injury and illnesses used to classify work related injuries.
Is the OSHA Form 300 required to be posted?
What is the OSHA form 300A
It is a summary of work related injuries and illnesses that shows the totals for each year and is required to be posted each year.