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What does NLRB stand for?
National Labor Relations Board.
A contract bar occurs when?
An election is barred because of an existing valid union contract.
What is a decertification election?
An NLRB election to determine if a majority of the employees want the union decertified.
A directed election is?
A representation election directed by the NLRB.
A consent election occurs when?
An employer accepts and employee representation request from the union and agrees to an election.
An agency shop is?
A union provision requiring union members and non-members to pay union dues.
The practice of requiring employers to hire extra workers who are not wanted or needed is called?
True or False: Good-Faith Bargaining is when parties make offers and counteroffers to reach an agreement?
A position of relative advantage over one's competition is called?
Competitive Advantage.
The 3 components of the Expectancy Theory of Motivation are?
Expectancy, instrumentality, and valence.
What is the process of dividing work into specialized jobs that are performed by separate individuls?
Division of Labor.
A study in which variables in an organization are measured and correlated is a?
Correlation Study.
What is an HR Manager who is required to understand all of the major personnel functions and their relationship to business functions?
Human Resource Generalist.
An evaluation of how well an HR department is performing its responsibilities and meeting its objectives is an?
HR Audit.
True or False: Money is one example of Herzberg's Hygiene Factor?
An HR department member who specializes in a particular HR function such as compensation or recruitment is called a?
HR Specialist.
True or False: Local Nationals are employees hired by a multinational company to work in their own country (they are also called host country nationals.)
What is the theory of motivation based on a hierarchy of physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs, and self-actualization needs?
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.
Reinforcement Theory is?
A theory of motivation that says behavior is determined by the types of rewards or punishments associated with the behavior.
Regression Analysis is?
A statistical technique for predicting the value of one dependant variable based on a weighted combination of independent variables.
An HR accounting measure that estimates the cost to replace an employee in current dollars is called the?
Replacement Cost.
Written plans for recruiting and hiring minorities and females are called?
Affirmative Action Plans (AAP).
What is one technique for selecting employees that exposes the candidate to a typical day on the job?
A Realistic Job Preview.
True or False: A reduction in the number of personnel caused by failing to replace people who leave is called attrition?
True or False: Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications are attributes that allow an employer to discriminate when they are necessary for operation of the business.
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is a government agency created by what act?
The Civil Rights Act of 1964.
True or False: The EEOC guideline to determine whether a selection procedure has an adverse impact on selection is called the Three-Fifths Rule?
False (It is the Four-Fifths Rule).
Attitudinal and organizational barriers that inhibit the career advancement of women is called a?
Glass Ceiling.
True or False: Adverse impact occurs when the selection rate for any minority or gender group is less than four-fifths of the selection rage for the highest group?
The review of jobs within a company that produces a job description or a job specification is called?
A Job Analysis.
True or False: Job bidding is an internal recruiting process that allows employees who think they are qualified to apply for a job that has become vacant?
Creating wide labor grades so that there are fewer grades with more jobs in each grade is called?
True or False: A compa-ratio compares a person's pay rate with a comparable pay range?
False (It compares a person's pay rate with the mid-point of a pay range.)
A procedure that provides for automatic increases in pay based on rate of inflation indexed to the consumer price index is called a?
COLA (Cost Of Living Adjustment).
What is the procedure for developing a wage structure based on an assessment of the job?
Job Evaluation.
A pay system that ties pay to performance is called?
Pay for Performance.
Jobs that are underpaid relative to the wage curve are called?
Green Circle Jobs.
A large number of individuals picketing a given site is?
Mass picketing.
The detailed set of steps a unit, department, or team will take to achieve short-term objectives is called an?
Action Plan.
A type of analysis that uses statistical measures to collect, interpret, and communicate data is called?
Quantitative Analysis.
The combined knowledge, skills, and experience of a company's employees is called?
Human Capital.
True of False: A sample is a portion of the population that is used to draw conclusions regarding the entire population?
A framework that aligns individual business function measures with organizational strategies to track progress and reinforce accountability and opportunities is called?
A Balanced Scorecard.
True or False: Validity is the ability of an instrument to measure what it is intended to measure?
A measure of centeral tendency that indicates the value that occurs most frequently is called the?
SWOT is organizational information that is used in?
Strategic Planning (It stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats).
What analysis shows the point in time when the return of an HR program is equal to or greater than the money put into it?
Break-even Analysis.
What is the final phase of strategic planning that includes reviewing strategies, measuring performance, and taking appropriate corrective action?
Strategy Evaluation.
True or False: Midterm objectives are completed in one to three years?
This act requires that construction contractors and their subcontractors pay at least the prevailing wage in the area if they are receiving federal funds?
The Davis Bacon Act (1931).
What is the measure of central tendency that indicates the average score or value?
The Mean.
Surveying, identifying, and interpreting relevant data to identify external opportunities and threats is called?
Environmental Scanning.
What are the 4 broad categories of Strategic Planning?
Environment scanning, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and strategy evaluation.
What is the phase of the strategic planning process in which the organization's vision, mission, and values are composed?
Strategy formulation.
The use of data already gathered by others and reported in various sources is called?
Secondary Research.
True or False: Short-term objectives and milestones are usually achieved within six months to one year?
The extent to which organizational or departmental goals have been met is called?
What describes what is important to an organization, prescribes employee behavior, and creates the organization's culture.
True or False: The mode is the measure of central tendency that indicates the point below which 50 percent of the scores lie.
False (the Median does that, the mode is the value that occurs most often).
What is the measure of variation that indicates the distance between the highest and lowest scores?
The Range.
The ability of an instrument to measure consistently is called?
Data that is collected firsthand for the specific analysis that is being conducted is called?
Primary Research.
Measures that need to be accomplished in three to five years in order for an organization to meet its mission are called?
Long-term Objectives.
The course that management has charted for the future and the associated activities that the organization intends to pursue is called a?
Mission Statement.
A centralized and specialized organizational structure that is arranged by business function is called a?
Functional Structure.
What is the degree to which operations are done in an economical manner?
What was the 1971 case that identified adverse impact discrimination?
Griggs vs Duke Power.
True or False: The Age Discrimination in Employment Act prohibits discrimination in employment for persons aged 40 or over except where age is a BFOQ?
The primary job duties that a qualified person must be able to perform either with or without accomadation are called?
Essential Functions.
What limits the amount of wages that can be garnished or withheld in any one week by the employer to satisfy creditors?
Consumer Credit Protection Act.
Questions that begin with what, where, why, when, or how are called?
Open Questions.
True or False: The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) requires some employers to give a minimum of 60 days notice if a plant is to close or if mass layoffs will occur?
What are basic job characteristics and broad statements of the factors needed to be successful in the organization?
Job Competencies.
True or False: Ellerth vs Burlington Northern Industries is the ruling that distinguished between supervisor harassment that results in tangible employment action and supervisore harassment that does not?
The court ruling that ultimately established the reasonable person standard in sexual harassment cases is?
Harris vs Forklift Systems, Inc.