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hordeolum (sty)
infection of the sebaceous gland
cyst or obstruction in tarsal gland duct
what passes thru superior orbital fissure?
CN 3, 4, V1, 6, superior ophthalmic vein
central artery of retina
end artery
ophthalmic veins
have no valves,
so bacterial infections in blood can easily flow to cavernous sinus or pterygoid plexus (lots of anastomoses but no valves)
inflammation of a vein with formation of a thrombus (clot)
aqueous humor
in anterior chamber, produced by ciliary bodies, results in glucoma if abnormality in uptake mechanism
when drainage of aqueous humor thru scleral venous sinus decreases, pressure builds up in anterior and posterior chambers of eye, fluid no where to go except backwards and this pressure kills neuornal cells of retina, blindness
vitreous humor
gel substance occupies postremal chamber does not turnover (disappers and reappear), once you get coagulated protein flowing around, it will be there forever
increased intercranial pressure, eye sticks out
detachment of retina
layers of retina separated in embryo by an intraretinal space (disappears in dev). pigment layer firmly attaches to choroid but not to neural layer so blow to eye can recreate intraretinal space and cause flashes of light going on and off
horner syndrome
interruption of a cervical sympathetic trunk results in paralysis of superior tarsal muscle causing drooping of upper eyelid, so pupils constricted, redness and dryness of eye, increased temp of face,etc
scleral venous sinus
a vascular structure encircling the anterior chamber of the eye thru which the aqueous humor is returned to the blood circulation
lacrimal fluid
production of which is stimulated by parasymptatheic impulses from CN 7