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True or False. The purpose of quality of life programs is to promote effective use of human resources.
What areas are improved by the quality of life programs?
management, motivation, and retention
The Personal Excellence Program focuses externally on our nation's schools through what grade?
Personal Excellence is the achievement of an individual's potential in what areas?
education, health and fitness, and citizenship
The Navy Skills Enhancement Program (SEP) improves achievement in what area?
basic competencies
True or False. Foreign languages are NOT part of the education external partnership of the SEP
The focus of the citizenship aspect of the Personal Excellence Program is on what core values?
responsibilities, teamwork, and patriotism
The collaborative effort in the Personal Excellence Partnership Program is among what groups?
navy commands, public/private sector organizations, and school or youth organizations
The long-term goal of the Personal Excellence Partnershp Program promotes what efforts?
self-worth and responsible citizenship
True or False. Financial management is the responsibility of every sailor.
Information on personal financial management can be found in what OPNAVINST?
Who set up and established the Family Support Program in 1979?
The Family Support Program does NOT include what services?
Equal Opportunity Program
Family Service Centers (FSC's) are on all bases with which of the following minium number of active-duty personnel?
True or False. FSCs offer programs for married Sailors ONLY
FSC has an information and referral specialist who provides assistance and makes specific referrals for services and programs available at what facilities?
military bases and civilian community agencies
True or False. The subject of spousal employment is covered as part of the FSC's preventive education and enrichment program.
Short-term counseling is offered through FSC in what areas?
personal problems, financial problems, and marital problems
Who established the Family Advocacy Program (FAP)?
Department of Defense
What goals are related to FAP?
domestic violence prevention, victim safety and protection, rehabilitative education and counseling
True or False. FAP should be informed of all alleged cases of abuse and neglect.
True or False. The Family Home Care (FHC) Program allows spouses of Navy members to provide day care for children in their homes?
True or False. NAVPERSCOM provides insurance coverage for child care providers at a nominal fee.
The nature of naval service dictates that members must be ready to deploy on short notice. Therefore, single parents and dual military couples with dependent children must provide what documentation?
Family Care Plan Certificate, will, power of attorney
True or False. The broad purpose of the Casualty Assistance Program is to offer support to the next of kin of Navy members involved in a casualty.
Officers must have a minimum of how many years of service to be a casualty assistance calls officer?
True or False. The objective of the EO Program is to promote positive command morale and quality of life and to provide an environment in which all personnel can perform to the maximum of their ability unimpeded by any institutional or individual biases based on racial, ethnic, gender, or religious stereotypes.
Equal opportunity must aim towad a Navy environment in which consideration and treatment are equal to all on the basis of individual effort, performance, conduct, diligence, and talents.
The Command Managed Equal Opportunity (CMEO) Program ensures that equal opportunity exists at the unit level, CMEO is a tool for detecting and preventing discrimination.
Final responsibility for the effectiveness of the comman assessment team remains with what person?
Commanding Oficer
Sexual harassment is NOT allowed in what situations?
True or False. Sexual discrimination involves unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when used only as rejection of a person for a job.
Although the common application of fraternization applies to the officer-enlisted relationship, fraternization also includes improper relationships between officer members and between enlisted personnel.
Fraternization is punishable as an offense when it is prejudicial to good order and discipline or brings discredit to the naval service according to what document?
Uniform Code of Military Justice
Conduct that is fraternization is excused when which, if any, conditions is met?
What statement is the basis of the Navy's Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NADAP)?
zero tolerance on and off duty, afloat and ashore
What program is the Navy's program to combat alcohol and drug abuse?
What responsibilities does a petty officer have in the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse?
Inform seniors of problems regarding alcohol and drug use, apply common sense, and educate personnel on the pitfalls of drugs and alcohol
True or False. The DAPAs are responsible for advising commanding officers on the Navy Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program; setting up command education, prevention, screening, and counseling programs, and providing aftercare, probationary supervision, motivational training, and referral services.
"Right Spirit" is a command-level campaign designed for what reasons?
deglamorization of alcohol, prevention of alcohol abuse, and intervention for treatment
What location offers intense and comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation for active duty members?
Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers (ARCs)
What course of action should you take if you are sounseling someone and feel that he/she is at risk of committing suicide?
Do not leave the preson and report your concern
True or False. To ensure the operational effectiveness of the Navy, every member is expected to achieve and maintain standards of physical readiness and participate in a lifestyle that promotes optimal health.
True or False. Counseling and assistance centers and residential rehabilitation centers are available to help personnel who continually fail to conform to Navy PRT standards.
To maintain physical readiness, a person should exercise at least three times a week for (a) at least how many minutes total duration and (b) how many minutes of continuous aerobic activity
What areas of physical readiness are stressed through General Military Training (GMT)
Healthy food choices, exercise, and lifestyle changes
What is the Navy's goal for percentage of participation in stress management awareness programs?
Concerning back injuries (a) what percentage of all service members are affected and (b) what percentage of lost workdays are experienced annually due to back injuries?
(a) 90% (b) 50%
The Military Cash Awards Program (MILCAP), which provides payment of cash incentives based on the amount of money saved by a suggestion, can be found in which instruction?
The civilian housing market is the primary source of housing for military personnel. This policy was established by what authorities?
U.S. Congress and Department of Defense
True or False. Single parents in Military Family Housing (MFH) may receive authority for live-in housekeepers.
True or False. Dependents of members who die in the line of duty may keep housing without charge for 90 days from the death of the member.
True or False. Every sailor, with the receipt of permanent change of station (PCS) orders, receives direction to check in with Housing Referral Services (HRS) before contracting for community housing.
True or False. HRS provides members with a list of units/agents on the sanction list and members may enter into contract with agents on the sanction list.
The Navy Enlisted Occupational Classification system consists of how many major subsystems?
What document is the official reference for Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC)?
Manual of Navy Enlisted Manpower and Personnel Classifications and Occupational Standards
What is the focus of the petty officer quality control program?
identify behavior deficiencies
What document is a reference for special programs and projects?
Enlisted Transfer Manual
To be eligible for brig staff duty, an applicant must have served a minimum of how many months of active duty following recruit training?
True or False. A petty officer NOT eligible for shore duty may be selected for the U.S. Naval Ceremonial Guard.
True or False. Navy Special Warfare community personnel can carry both the DV and PJ designator.
A candidate for chief warrant officer must have how many years, if any, of college.
The qualifications for Enlisted Surface Warfare can be found in what publication?
OPNAV instruction
True or False. Your enlisted record belongs to you.
On the left-hand side of the service record, the separator is entitled?
Career performance data
The page 2 of the service record is the?
dependency application/record of emergency data
The page 4 of the service record is the?
enlisted qualification history
Where in the field service record can you find a copy of all previously completed page 4s?
right side
True or False. You may be recalled to active duty from the fleet reserve list without your consent.
After how many total years of service (active-duty and fleet reserve time combined) are you eligible to be transferred to the retired list?