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waking consciousness
state in which thoughts feelinhs and sensations are clear organized and the person feels alert
circadian rthym
cycle of bodily rthym which occurs every 24 hours
brief sidesteps into sleep only lasting a few secs
adaptive theory
theory os sleep proposing that animals and humans eloved sleeping patterns to avoid predators by sleeping when predators are most active
any of the steages thatindicate a state of relaxation or light sleep
alpha waves
brain waves that indicate a state of relaxation or light sleep
theta waves
brain waves indicating the early stages of sleep
delta waves
long slow waves that indicate that deepest stage of sleep
rem rebound
increased amouts of rem sleep after being deprived of rem sleep on earlier nights
rem behavior disorder
rare, mechanism that blocks the movement of the voluntary muscles fails, allowing the person tomthrash around and even get up and act out nigtmares
sleep apena
disorder, person stops breathing fo rnearly half a minute or more
activation-synthesis hypothesis
dreams are created by the higher cents of the cortex to explain the activiation by the brain stem of cortical cells during rem sleep
activation information mode model AIM
revised version of ase, dreams in which info that i s accessed during waking hours can have an influence on the synthesis of dreams
social cognitive theory of hypnosis
people hy. not in altered state but merely playing the role of what's expected
psychoactive drugs
alter thining, memory, and perception
increase functioning of the nervous system
psychogenic drugs
incldues hallucinogens and m.
stimulants made in labs, not found in nature
durgs that lower anxiety adn reduce stress
synthesized drug, now an animal tranq., can cause s. d. n. h.
peyote cactus buttons