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In Alabama, what are monuments made of?
Stone, wood, iron, concrete, trees, earth mounds, pits. (Three chops or hacks on marker trees facing a corner usually indicate a corner.)
In alabama, what features or improvements are considered boundary lines?
Walls - (Line usually runs in wall; usually center line of wall.)
Fences - (Posts usually on one side; fence proper on line.)
Ditches - (Line usually runs with center line of ditch, etc.)
Line Trees - (Two chops or hacks on side of tree next to line.)
(A blaze on side of tree next to line.)
(A blaze “fore and aft” when line hits tree.)
(Hopped tree - a tree bent over and made to grow along line.)
What are the qualifications of a surveyor?
The courts answer this question by quoting the phrases that have long been used in law such as the surveyor “must exercise that degree of care which a skilled engineer of ordinary prudence would have exercised under similar circumstances.”
Does a surveyor have a right to enter onto private lands for a survey?
No, unless the surveyor is acting in an official capacity or for a legally authorized undertaking; or unless, as in some states, the law provides that surveyors may enter upon land where titles are in dispute for the purpose of running in doubtful or disputed lines and locating or searching for monuments.
According to Coffee's rules, what is the error of closure of a township?
In closing the survey of a township, if the lines intersect within 12 poles of the proper point, the survey may be considered correct, except the last mile, which must be resurveyed making the proper variation and noting it to intersect a the proper point.
How are the township corners to be marked?
The lines to be marked plainly by a blaze with a chop above and below on all fore and aft trees and near sidelines.
What should be marked on a tree at each township corner?
In the corner of each township a tree must be marked with the number of such township, and over it the number of the range, and under it the number of the section, taking the bearing and distance of each tree from the true corner and carefully noting the same with the kind of tree so marked, in the field book.
What accuracy is required of closing a section?
In the surveying of sections the same rule will be observed as in surveying townships by running two lines, and then returning to the beginning and running the other two, so as to intersect at the extreme corner from the beginning, if the lines intersect within two poles, it may be considered correct, and make the corner of the intersection, noting the excess or deficiency; but if it should be more than two poles, the line so varying must be incorrect, and run over again; in closing the last section with the line of the township, it must be run to the proper station already fixed on that line, in doing which a small variation may become necessary, always noting the same correctly.
How should references to section lines and corners be marked?
Section lines will be marked by two chops on fore and aft trees and near sidelines. In each corner of all section a tree must be marked with the number of the section, and over it the number of the township.
What base line and meridian are the basis for alabama surveys?
The southern boundary of the State of Tennessee, and the meridian of Madison County will be the base and meridian of all surveys made in this district.
What is the code for alabama east spc system, central meridian lon, and scale factor?
0101, 85^50', 1:25,000
What is the zone code and scale factor for alabama west?
0102, 1:15,000
What is the lat, lon, and northing and eastings of alabama east spc?
30^30, 85^50, 0, 500,000
What is the lat, lon, and northing and easting for grid origin of alabama west spc?
30,00, 87^30, 0, 500,000