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What does the S in the SMCR model stand for? (not just the name what does it do?)
Source, the originator of the communication.
What does the M in the SMCR model stand for? (not just the name what does it do
Message, the content of the communication, the information that is to be exchanged.
What does the C in the SMCR model stand for? (not just the name what does it do
Channel, the medium or transmission system used to convey the message from one place to another.
What does the R in the SMCR model stand for? (not just the name what does it do
Receiver, The destination of the communication.
Diffusion of Innovation
Process by which an innovation is communicated through media and interpersonal channels over time among the members of a community.
Transmitting multiple standards-definition signals simultaneously on a single TV channel.
Asynchronous communication
Media in not consumed simultaneously by all members of the audience.
print on demand
technology prints boks only whent they are odered by customers.
barrier of entry
obstacles companies must overcome to enter a market.
economies of scale
When a unit costs go down as production quantities increase.
Marginal cost
the incrementla cost of each additional copy.
Between Sleep,Consuming media,Work and everything else we spend most of our time doing what? What percentage of this when compared with the other options?
Consuming media 39%
What is the most used form of media?
How was music broadcast when it first came about?
It was broadcast live.
Current issues effecting Internet users
-File sharing RIAA cracking down
-Pressure on P2P services
-Censorship and Free Speech
Satellite Radio Issues
-FCC won't let Sirius and XM merge.
Three goals of the FCC
Issues with radio
-less diversity
-localism being lost because radio news industries are shrinking.
What organization regulates the radio?
Persistence of vision
An effect in which an after image is left on your retinas.
We have moved from an agricultural to a what society?
Why did the FCC put a freeze on new stations?
Television was advancing too rapidly
What was the early Internet like?
-Used for researchers at Universities
-Opened to commercial users
-No search engines
-Gopher – text-only
Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPANET)
connected weapons researchers with the Defense Department
Benefits of broadband
24-hour connection
Fast interactive digital TV
Fast interactive home shopping
Fast download of games, music, movies and software
What was PR?
Organized activities intended to favorably influence the public
In the 1970s – PR firms first started using VNRs – what is it? The problem is, some stations run these stories without explaining the source of the information – and what’s wrong with that?
These are often produced as fake news stories – complete with a reporter on camera delivering the information, including interviews and video.
Another way in which communications technology has made PR easier is through videoconferencing and satellite media tours. This allows...
an expert or a celebrity to sit in one place at one time and do multiple interviews.
Exxon Valdez – what went wrong?
Exxon chairman decides NOT to visit the site, says nothing about the whole thing for an entire week and created a media center in New York to comment on the disaster, rather than in Valdez. Impact: $2.5 billion in clean-up and legal judgments.
PR Disasters Food Lion – what went wrong?
Denied there was any problem, attacked the source of the message (ABC). Impact: became the butt of comedian’s jokes, saw it’s stock prices take a dive – hurt its position as one of the fastest-growing grocery chains in the country.
Perfect PR? Johnson & Johnson – Tylenol scare - what went right?
Tylenol pulls all product from the shelves, provides refunds for worried customers, produces “tamper-proof” packaging. Impact: considered one of the best handled PR crises ever – company quickly rebounds, Tylenol still going strong.
Why is advertising changing?
New technology bringing new opportunities – people aren’t using the old advertising vehicles as much – advertising is about grabbing attention, getting people to try something new or reinforce a positive feeling about an old favorite
Canspam Act Passed in 2003 (took effect in ’04)
Makes it illegal to disguise email origin – FCC regulates
Database marketing
term advertisers use when they store information about consumers so they can personalize messages.
permission marketing
Given a company permission to send you things like coupons in the future.
Issues: Cultural pollution
-Mindless consumption
Encourages ‘false needs’
Happiness is achieved by consumer material goods
-Average consumer sees 5,000 messages/day
-Harmful to children
People in defense of advertising argue that...
Can be pro-social (war bonds, AIDS awareness, child abuse)
Sustains the media; frees them from government controls
Fuels the economy
Provides info consumers need
Is often entertaining
1st Generation Cell phones vs. 2G Cell phones
1st Generation/analog phones – just 56 calls per cel

2nd Generation/digital phones – compression allows for 3-10X as many calls per cell
E-books problems
Publishers reluctant
What are laws?
Binding rules passed by legislatures, enforced by the executive power, and applied or adjudicated by courts
A public framework for how to structure and regulate media so they contribute to the public good.
Market Place of Ideas
Means that the best idea will win out in competition.
A harmful and untruthful criticism by media that intends to damage someone.