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A management tool to establish beneficial relationships
public relations
Mutually beneficial public relations
enlightened self-interest
Professional public relations association
Public Relations Society of America
Embodied the bad corporate images of the 1880s, 1890s with "The public be damned"
William Henty Vanderbilt
First federal agency to rein in excessive business practices
Interstate Commerce Commission
Application of Darwin's survival of the fittest theory to society
social Darwinism
Devised survival of the fittest theory
Charles Darwin
Laid out fundamentals of public relations
Ivy Lee
Took Ivy Lee's advice, which favorably changed railroad's arrpach to public relations
Pennsylvania Railroad
Colorado tragedy that Ivy Lee converted into a public relations victory
Ludlow massacre
Ivy client who had been the target of public hatred
John D. Rockefeller JR.
Known for exagerated promotion
P.T. Barnum
inflated claims
Demonstarted public relations works on a mammoth scale; World War 1
George Creel
led office of War Information
Elmer Davis
Established the role of public relations as a top management tool
Arthur Page
Gearing messages to outside organizations, constituencies, individuals
external public relations
Gearing messages to inside groups, constituencies, individuals
internal public relations
bring public attention to something
promoting a cause, idea
influencing public policy, usually legislation or regulations
Advising candidates, groups on public policy issues, usually in elections
political communicaiton
coaching individuals for medi acontacts
image consulting
helping a client through an emergency
crisis management
unlike public relations, ________ seeks to sell a product or service
Comprehensive program that links public relations, advertising
integrated marketing communication
paid space and time to promot instituttion's image, postion
institutional advertising
A packet provided to news reporters to tell the story in an advantageous way
media kit
taking initiative to release information
proactive media relations
Tilted news coverage by overwhelming the media with information during the Persain Gulf war
Pete Williams
Pioneered advertorials
Herb Schmertz
Paid advertisements that state an editorial positon
attacking critics openly
adversarial public relations
covering up
Derisive word for public relations people
one alternative word for public relaitonsl other are public affairs, corporate communications
public information
Indicates PRSA accreditartion
Professional public relaitons organization
internation Association of Business Communicators
Studnet public relations organization
public relations student society of America
Founded the first ad agency
Wayland Ayer
Agency reps to clients
account executives
decide where to plac ads
media buyers
ad advertising agency earns an agreed-upon percentage of what the advertising client spends for time and space, traditionally 15 percent
commission contract
An advertising agency earns expenses and an agreed-upon markup for the advertising clinet, plus bonuses for exceeding minimal expectations
performance contract
coordinates marketing and advertising
advertising director
coordinates marketing and advertising for a specific brand
brand manager
Lays out where ads are placed
media plan
cost per thousand; a tool to detemine the cost effectiveness of different media
verifies circulation cliams
Audit Bureau of Circulations
how long a periodical remains in use
shelf life
all the people who see a periodical
pass-along ciruclation
so many competing ads that all lose impact
ad clutter
a recored viewing of a web site
provide messages to computers
online advertising
A nongeneric product named designed to set the product apart from the competions
Championed brand imaging
David Ogilvy
Spin put on a brand name
brand image
Message for broadest audience possibnle
lowest common denominator
emphasizing a single feature
unique seeling propostions
Targeting ads for specific consumer groups
Intensive repetion of ads
barrages, flights, waves
short-term ad campaign
shorter, smaller ads after campaign is introduced
advertisements, often subtle, in nontraditional, unexpected places
stealth ads
Writing a brand-name product into a television or movie script
product placemtn
a television recording playback device allows viewers to edit out commericals. A competing device is ReplayTV
program-length broadcast commericals
magazin whose entire content, articles and ads, pitches a single product or product line
Products sold with a store brand, often manufactured by the retailer
store brands
canadian grocery executive who honed the storebrand concept
Dave Nichol
Nazi propgandist
Joseph Goebbels
Exned hidden motivations
Sigmund Freud
Pioneered motivational reserach
Ernest Dichter
Seeks subconscious appeals that can be used in advertising
motivational research
Made dubious subliminal advertising claims
Jim Vicary
ads that cannot be consciously perceived
subliminal advertising
receiving subconscious messages that trigger behavior
buyer beware
caveat emptor
seller beware
caveat venditor
Reviews complaints about ads
National Advertising Review Council
advertising trade association
american asssociation of advertising agencies
ad industry group that creates free campaigns for worthy causes
ad council
regulates advertising
federal trade commission
award for advertisng creativity
Clio Award
two-way-real-time communication through technology assisted communcation
process of tapping into two or more mass media simultaneously
media multitasking
informative service provided free to schools, however there is 12 minutes of advertising. $150,000 for 30 second ad
channel one
We are a nation of
persuasive information spread widely to help or harm. effects indivduals, groups and institutions
"we know that half of all advertising is wasted...we just don't know which half."
John wannamaker
Definition of Advertising
paid time and space, indentified sponsors, ideas, goods and services, informative and persuasive.
In _______ the consumer knowns who's syaing what
Definition of Public Relations
Free time and space, indentified good neighbors, ideas, goods, and services, informative and persuasive.
Effors of a group, person or institution to promote good will between self and public
public relations
Characteristics of Advertising
repetions, advertising style, ubiquity (everywhere)
Average American sees _____- advertisements per day
Average person sees _______ advertisements per year
Maslow's Hierarchy of needs for advertising uses these things in this order
Physiological needs
safety needs
belongingness and love needs
esteem needs
need to know and undertand
Brand anmes, brand images, inique selling are
advertising techniques
accused by Wilson Bryan Key of baking work "sex" into Ritz Crackers
Nasico company
Printer's Ink was the
moedl statuete for Truth in advertising
untruthful, deceptive, or misleading ads in advertising are considered
1st advertising agency was invented by
Volney B. Palmer, in Philadephia
Audiences concepts of advertising depends on concepts of themselves
media selection
Advertisers need to
Understand propostion > understand USP (Unique selling propstion)
Reserach the product
Understand the product
___% of producted are purchased by woman
Federal Trade Commission
Channel one was run by
Chris Whittle
"it pays to give products an image of quality- a first class ticket"
David Ogilvy
Martian Anthropologist: 2006 advertising
"magic system"
________ produces immense accumulation of commodities
Convince people to consumer requires incrediable effect, creativity, time attention to detail and money
advertising's mission
ads cover __% of television and radio
ads cover ___% of magazine revenue
ads cover __% of newspaper revenue
Who came up with the slogan "diamond is forever"
___________ amount of tv ads cost more than a Hollywood film
hour and a half
"A diamond is forever" was written by
Frances Gerety
First ad on TV was from
the women called "advertising's most widely publicized symbok of glamour, succes, wealth, brains and beauty"
Mary Wells
Advertising tactics
bran names, LCD (lowest common denominator)
PUblic relations do what
generate support, endorsement, fundraising
2 types of public relations
burshfire and fireprevention
Father of PR
Edward Berhays
_______ can be sold just like any other product
Tie-Ins =$_________ to make Roger Rabbit; $_________ to market products
45; 10
Advertising Techniques
brand name, brand image, unique selling propostions (USP), positioning, motivational research
American Ido Advertising =
30-second spots average $500,000
Super Bowl $______ for 30 second spot
David Ogily and Old Crow- Brand image":
"Consumers of 3 brands of whiskey- on the basis of taste-would choose incorrectly."
USP example
Pepsodent: better to have pepsodent flowing over your teeth now than water flowing under your bridge later
Ernest Dichter saw American male loyal to his wife, fantasizes about mistress...
hardtop car
2007 Buick LeSabre= $34,000 advertising is about
Public Relations:
efforst of a gorup, person or institution to promote GOOD WILL between ITSELF and PUBLIC
women who changed the face of industry with conceptual advertising
mary wells
Attitudes have shifted from "_______" to "______"
buyer beware to seller beware
ad clutter:
too many ads-all lose imapct
award for advertising creativity
Clio Award
an advertising agency earns an agreed-upon percentage of what advertising client spends for time and space, traditionally 15 percent
commission contract
a tll to determine cost effectiveness of different media
CPM *cost per thousand
his penny newspaper brought advertising to a new level
Benjamin Day
Nazi progagandist
Joseph Goebbels
two-way real-time communication through technology-assisted communication
seeks subconscious appeals that can be used in advertising
motivational research
receiving subconscious messages that trigger behavior
ads that cannot be consicously perceived
subliminal advertising
Edward Bernay's Easter Day Parade...Cigs were considered
torches of freedom
Sut Jhally's views on advertising
advertising- world disconnected from reality, perfume- love potion, what we buy give us immediate access to world of desire, eroticism, even love.
cyle of "production, distribution, consumption"
Capitalism invented advertising for consumption
Place and space where society tells stories about itsself, where values are articulated and sexpressed, where notions of good and evil, of morality an dvalue are defined
__________ is our cultures main storyteller
Public relations includes
promotion, publicity, lobbying, fundraising, crisis management
2 fathers of PR
Edward Bernays and Ivy Lee
The best PR is...
Laid out fundamentals of public relations: news releases, news conferences
Ivy Lee
Edward Bernays wrote a book entitled
Crystallizing Public Opinion
An event staged for meida
Pseudo Event
Easter Day parade- hired showgirls smoking cigarettes in parade this was done by
Edward Bernays
Tylenol ______% share of marekt; suffered $100 million disaster; waged Brushfire PR campaign; gained back ____% share
37, 24
'Every time a business hires, builds, sells, or buys, it is acting for people as well as for itself, and it must be prepared to accept full responsibility."
Johnson and Johnson
Fire prevention PR
research, planning, evaluation
NOT synonymous iwth PR
Press agentry
Promote a product
outrageous events
"there's a sucker born every minute!"
Video news relase-
preparckaged PR
Book "toxic sludge is good for you"- water environment industry objects to word toxic sludge, they wanted it to me
Risk =
crisis + public outrage
African African PR pioneer. AFrican American visibility. Helped to make America realize who Aferican Americans were
Moss Kendrix
led office of War Informaiton; World War II
Elmer Davis
Advertising to Clarify Issues and Correct Unfavorable Images
Institutional Advertising
indicates PRSA accreditation
Coloardo tragedy that IVy Lee converted into public relations vicotry
Ludlow Massacre
established the role of public realtiosn as a top management tool
Arthur Page
professional public realitons associaton
Public Relations Society of America
____________ hired Ivy Lee to counter negative publicity of Ida M. Tarbell.
John. D. Rockefeller.