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Primary purpose of informational listening is to
to gain and understand information
Phrases such as “tell me more”, really go on, “I’m with you, and I see are examples of
minimal encouragers
Component of conflict-
conflict of interest, conflict orientations, responses and outcomes
Describes the overall feeling between ppl. that arises largely out of the way ppl. communicate with one another is...
interpersonal climate
Judy worried about upcoming exam and expresses to Leonard- he responds by saying “its very natural to be worried about such an impt. Test”-he just practiced
“you don’t exist" phrase is an ex. Of
(disconfirming message in recognition level)
Lester started meeting by sayin g”this is the only solution that makes sense, and only a fool would disagree” he had demonstrated-
Sylvester tells his new coworker- “ive worked here a long time, so I know more than you” he expressed-
When partners deny or camouflage disagreemtn or anger and express it indirectly...
covert conflict
Penny hums showtunes constantly- and really annoys her lab partner- he beings tapping heavy-metal drumbeats with his pencils without saying anything- ex. Of
covert conflict
Jack and Susie in romantic relationship-he calls Susie constantly and wants to be with her- rarely giving her an opportunity to be alone w/ her friends- struggling with relational dialectic-
Examples of managing dialectics except-
Commitment- a decision to remain ina relationship- grows out of these-
Grant and Joanne- romantic relationship- he enojoys going to the movies with Joanne every night- but she would like to do something new- struggling with romantic dialectic-
Ex. Of social relationship
Joe and coral in romantic relationship- she feels she needs to keep a journal of private thoughts and memories which he doesn’t like- struggling with relational dialectic-
Main reason why people do not practice safer sex
rational thought is impaired by alcohol and other drugs
Group supposed to work ona project- many ppl. do not show up for meetings- many members have formed factions away from the main group and little is accomplished- group lacking-
Several individuals in a team are talented- they have a special energy when they come together called
Group comes together at a formal meeting- read minutes from last meeting and then go through business- ex. of
procedural communication
Particular company does not recognize employee of the month- focuses on every effort toward the good of the collective group and not personal accolades- lower emphasis on-
Manager of a division is making certain ppl. come to work on the weekends- he chooses ppl. he does not like, said to exert-
power over
Middle of a boardroom presentation- co-worker begins talking aloud to other ppl. about his Saturday night- ex. Of
egocentric communicate
Leader often compliments members of group in public pointing out their accomplishments- usually repimands in private- most likely trying to maintain a good
climate communication
A group that excercises good group communication is likely to have more
participation, cohesion, synergy and creativity
Professor who allows students to refer to him by first name is privelaging cultural value
Situation would be best with a project team
writing a book on communication theories
Situations be best for a focus group-
determine public reaction to a potentially offensive film
Best describes brainstorming
outside-the-box situations
Best helps an individual who had to choose among a variety of decsision with which he/she is poorly informed
advisory group
Describes and effective quality improvement team
contains members from diff. areas of expertise, contains members from diff. levels of organization’s hierarcy, begins with a large amount of complaining and has the power to solve problems not just discuss them
Laissez-faire- leadership would work best with
a mature, experience, self-directed group is choose a team name
Jorge a manager at a local fast food restaurant tells all his employees that they must wear ties- ex. Of leadership-
authority rule
Decision making method offers the most cohesion among members, but can take a lot of time
First step in organizing group discussion
defining the problem
Best describes group conflict
can result in a win-win solution